a colorful, no-sew garland is my fave

June 25, 2014

easy fabric garland
party garland diy
Alison is currently on a Search for Your Awesome party tour and last weekend she made a stop in Denver. I was in charge of the decorations and on the morning of the party I decided the lack of garlands was alarming so I whipped together this colorful little ditty. It’s no sew, made from a few supplies, and requires little skill. Click through to get the two step tutorial.

party garland diy
To make your own you’ll need:
– cotton fabric (I used broad cloth)
– rotary cutter or fabric scissors
– twine

Step one: Use your rotary cutter to cut fabric into strips about 1″ wide and 12″ long (don’t worry about being too exact).

Step two: Attach the strips onto the twine by knotting. Take a bow, you’re done.

easy party garland

easy fabric garland
More details on the party to come! I’ll preface it by saying there were popsicles in that tub.

photos: Heather Gray



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