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July 15, 2014

gift wrap ideas

On Sunday, my best friend Kelly turned 30 and I thought if there were ever an occasion that called for a monumental in-a-box, this was it. So recalling Jane’s fortieth birthday box, I gathered up 30 presents. For the wrapping, I stuck with kraft paper and cardboard and simple embellishments (all found in my supply closet, thank you hoarding tendencies). Here’s just a sampling.

gift wrap ideas
gift wrap ideas
gift wrap ideas

While thinking of 30 gifts would be difficult to attempt for most people, I found it was like shopping for myself and it was nice to have an excuse to buy all those Target finds that I can never justify. Here are some of the items included (I left out the less photogenic stuff like Sixlets).

thirty in a box

sources: socks from Target, garland from Target, Gap clutch, motto journal, Orla Kiely purse kit, tape and dispenser from Target, salt water taffy, happy cards, candle, seed packets, haters gonna hate sticker, twist scarf, 30 sparklers, mini heart, the short list, have a nice day stamp, perpetual calendar from Target, necklace, post-its from Target

I’m not sharing this to toot my own horn, I’m sharing to encourage the sending of care packages. So go forth and brighten someone’s mailbox.

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