a summer night in a box is my fave

August 12, 2014

from guest contributor Amelia Markgraf

The temps are still going up, my friends, and the chances of sleeping well in the hot, hot heat are going way down. Thank goodness the secret to heavenly sleep on a hot summer night can be found in a box full of these goodies: lavender soap to use in a cold shower, and a breezy cotton nightgown to slip into afterwards; a candlestick, a fragrant bouquet, and a glass jar of icy water for the nightstand to keep things feeling fancy and fresh while you (try not to) sweat like a hog; a good book to help you doze off, and a cute pillowcase to doze off onto; and, last but not least, a cold, creamy treat. Go ahead. No one’s gonna judge you for eating ice cream in bed when its 95 degrees outside. No one.

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sources: nightgown, pillowcase, soap, book

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