a sugar rush in a box is my fave

August 26, 2014

from guest contributor Kelly Lanza
candy care package

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Melanie and I both love sugar. Ok, I lied… that’s definitely not a secret. Also not a secret: How much I love Mel’s “In a Box” series! So, I jumped on the bandwagon and combined all things awesome to bring you a Sugar Rush in a Box! BAM! Who wouldn’t want to receive a sprinkle filled box with sugary treats in all varieties!? Because we don’t want to just eat sweets, we wan’t to wear ’em too. Let’s dig in.

candy care package
candy care package
candy care package

I think you would win all the awards if you gifted someone this for their birthday. All of ’em. Happy Sugar High everyone! And most importantly, a very sweet congrats to you, Melanie! I know you’ll teach those babes of yours about the important things in life, like ice cream.

Sources: Striped Box from Target, Jumbo Quin Sprinkles, Ice Cream Balloon Weight, Candy Bracelet, Ice Cream Lollipop from Michaels, Donut Card, Cupcake Box, Dessert Erasers from 99 Cent Store, Rock Candy Lip Gloss, Sprinkle Tape from Target, Fruit Farts Candy (No really, that’s what it’s called.) Gummy Bear Box, Donut Necklace, Ice Cream Jump Rope from 99 Cent Store, Ice Cream Cups, Donut Sunglasses, Ice Cream Necklace (This was a favor from a party but you can get the cone in pillow form here!)


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