a baby shower in a box is my fave

September 2, 2014

from guest contributor Kersey Campbell

Since Melanie had a baby (yay!) I thought it would be appropriate to throw her a little baby shower in a box. It’s so her, right? If you know someone who is expecting, this would be a really fun way to throw a mini party just for them.

You can mix up the box to include a theme or color scheme to make it perfect for the mama to be. Since Melanie had a little lady, I went ahead and made this one for a girl with a few elements you might see at a baby shower.

First off, some simple and fun party decorations. Even just a few balloons and a garland can go a long way. The thank you cards are especially great since she will undoubtedly have a lot of notes to write. Add in the balloon animal figurines for a little element of fun (I have been giving these as gifts for a while now and they are always a hit, they’d be great party favors too). And of course, chocolate. If you don’t include some form of chocolate, don’t expect to get a thank you card.

And that’s it! Put it all into a cute box (or tin in my case) and send it on it’s way!


Sources: thank you cards, balloon animals, dress (Gap – no longer available), honeycomb balls, chocolate from Trader Joes

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