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September 17, 2014

custom portrait

Instagram has become my entertainment of choice during round the clock feedings. Sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole of newborn pics and try to find the strangest baby name of the day. And sometimes I meet crazy talented people and I remember why social media can be so great. Beth Allen is one of those people.

How do I love her? Let me count the ways:
Pinkish (abstract art is always welcome to the fave club).
– I commissioned a portrait of Beck and he walks around the house hugging it and saying, “it’s me!” I love how she accentuated his curls (which were freshly cut before the top photo was taken).
– She teaches Thursday night art classes and I might need to make a trip to Arizona just to attend.
This print.
– She has one of my favorite Instagram streams where she sells a small, original painting every Friday.
– Also, her husband bakes.


Beth Allen, welcome to the tippy-top of my fave list.

bottom three photos by Angela Hardison for



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