a patch banner is my fave

September 18, 2014

from guest contributor Kelly Smith

My son started getting random patches after each soccer practice and was excited to iron them onto something. But the thought of putting them onto something that he would grow out of, broke my heart a little. I mean, patches are cool and should be displayed. So we made a little banner that he can hang in his room and add to as more patches come his way. Here is how you can make one for your little as well.

Supplies: one sheet of felt, a pair of scissors, some fabric glue, a small wooden dowel, and some string.

Process: Fold your sheet of felt hotdog style, cut a triangle towards the center. Then put glue along the top edge of felt and fold over about an inch – hold for a bit until it sticks, then let dry. Stick the dowel through the top tunnel – add string. Iron on patches and hang.

Time: ten minutes tops.

You guys, I am totally excited to start collecting patches as souvenirs to fill this little guy up. And then you know I will have to make a bigger one. And so on and so forth. Enjoy!

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