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February 18, 2015

I thought it was time for a gift closet update – ideas for items to have on hand in case of gifting emergency.
gift closet ideas

Crowd pleasing books – a lot of my friends like to craft so Make and Give and Playful are two books that I love to give. Or you could pick up a stack of your favorite, favorite read and gift it to everyone from your mom to your mailman.

Vases for blooms – these Atelier Stella vases are my recent pick.

Fine art cards – put a message inside, they can frame it as art. Boom! Two presents in one. This geometric one is from Inaluxe.

gift ideas for moms

More personal gifts – You might shy away from gifts that are heavily based on personal taste, art and jewelry and such, unless you know the person really well. But I say do it! The trick is to find items that seem really personal but would actually work with a lot of people’s tastes.

If you’re gifting a decorative object, find something that could be purposed in several ways like this faceted terrarium.

If you’re gifting art, try to stay away from anything too big or too narrowly focused. Hillary Butler’s mini abstract paintings are perfect. Colorful, happy, mini and could fit-in with a variety of decorating styles.

As far as jewelry, simple is best. I can imagine my hip niece wearing this bracelet from Megan Auman and it looking equally as nice on my mother-in-law.

gift ideas for moms

I’ve entered the age of kid’s birthday parties and this is what I’ve learned: moms don’t want to compile a lot of stuff. So try to find gifts that will be functional but still fun. For instance:
– books (like the well designed BabyLit)
– art supplies (mini colored pencils)
– cute accessories (headbands)
– toys that are cute even if they’re left out (animal nesting dolls)

Now I need to look at whose birthday is coming up next.



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