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March 19, 2015

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For my friend’s 30th birthday party, I asked Denver pastry chef Samm Sherman to make a cake that was really long, chocolate, and (first and foremost) delicious. She delivered with a five foot long, brownie bottom cake that was all anyone could talk about at the party.

While I watched her assemble the cake I was surprised at how relatively simple it was. Seriously, you could do it! And it will be a huge hit! Here’s how:

5 foot long birthday cake

Download the recipes for each cake layer here. Each layer will be baked on a 12x18x1 baking sheet so you’ll end up with six large rectangles of cake to create two, three layer 12X18 cakes. You’ll need to follow the assembly instructions twice through.

Place the brownie layer on surface where you can easily move it from, top with chocolate buttercream frosting. Place the devil’s food cake on top of the brownie layer and top with chocolate frosting. Top the devil’s food cake with the yellow cake layer.

Cut entire cake in half length wise. This will give you two, 18 inch pieces. Once cut, freeze before frosting, a chilled cake will be firmer and help prevent so many crumbs. Follow the assembly instructions again for the second cake so you end up with four, 18 inch three layer cakes.

– Freeze all the layers to make it easier to stack and assemble. If they seem dry you can soak with simple syrup before spreading with frosting.
– If you make the cake a couple days ahead and freeze, make sure to wrap really well so the cake doesn’t absorb any smells.

how to frost a really long cake

Take cakes out of freezer and frost entirely with white buttercream. Place each cake on a cake board, side by side to create one, long rectangle. Use frosting to fill in the seams and even out with a spatula.

really long birthday cake
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really long birthday cake
birthday cake decorating ideas

Go forth and make cake.

photos: Jennifer Little



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