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March 22, 2015

This DIY is from Kelly Smith of Cloudy Day Gray.

Adorable, non cheesy, bunny basket craft with easy to follow instructions! Win, win!

Every year I am shocked by the number of ugly Easter baskets on the market. I either vote to go with a classic wicker basket or better yet, make this cute bucket for less than $10 ($2 if you have a can of spray paint/craft paint on hand). Here is how you can make your own.

Adorable, non cheesy, bunny basket craft with easy to follow instructions! Win, win!
Supplies: small galvanized bucket, can of spray paint, a dab of craft paint, paintbrush, hot glue, two pieces of pipe cleaner.

1 – Spray paint the bucket outside (preferably not on a windy day) and allow it to dry.

2 – Paint the bunny face. Start by painting a small triangle nose in the center of the bucket, about 75% of the way up from the bottom. Then, paint three lines for the whiskers on each side of the nose – 1″ diagonal moving upwards, 1″ straight, 1″ diagonal moving downwards. For the eyes, place one small dot above the beginning of the whisker and another a little past the end of the whisker – use the top groove of the bucket as a guide. Now, connect the dots with a half circle and repeat for the second eye.

3 – Attach the bunny ears. Bend each pipe cleaner in half making an oval and twist the ends together. Hot glue each one to the inside of the bucket above the eyes.

Time: Spray painting the bucket took five minutes, painting the bunny face by hand took another five minutes, and making the ears took another five minutes (waiting for the hot glue to warm up) – giving this project a total of 15 minutes.

Not bad for an adorable, non-cheesy looking bunny basket!

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