sun and moon costumes are my fave

October 14, 2015

While I’m not a fan of the horror side of Halloween, I do love the kids in costumes part. So I’m sharing a few ideas this week (and next week on Julep), all which will take you an hour or less to pull together. Because that’s how I roll.

For the moon:

1. Google “moon photo” and pick one you like
2. Get it printed as an engineer print or large format print
3. Cut out and paste to foam core, trim excess foam core
4. Create handles on back by laying ribbon vertically and taping at top and bottom


For the sun:

1. Find an all yellow outfit (these are pajamas)
2. Cut out yellow felt in a crown shape and attach to yellow headband with hot glue

If you have more than two kids to outfit, add a star or planet.

PS Here are some other quick costume ideas: three ten minute costumes, panda, swan, strawberry, ice cream man

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