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July 14, 2016

YAMF-roundup3 (1)

Here’s my official goodbye to You Are My Fave. I dragged it out so long it’s very anticlimactic, dang.

I have a long list of reasons why it’s time but I won’t make this more dramatic than it needs to be. You’ll still be able to find me regularly on Instagram where I’ll share any updates on projects. And guess what?! My party line is coming soon. Sign up at Hip Hip to be notified at it’s launch.

And to make me feel like something was accomplished over my years of blogging, here are some of my favorite posts. Humor me a little by letting me know one of your faves.

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Thank you, you’ve been good to me. This blog has been good to me.

an office makeover is my fave

February 1, 2016

how to paint a wall of stripes
In the midst of last tax season (Ryan is a tax attorney and consultant) I took on some home projects to keep me distracted, one of which was getting my office in order. I didn’t do anything that required power tools, just some cosmetic changes and better organization. So if you’re looking to do the same, here are a few tips.

office makeover
Before the space was just a white room with no storage except these IKEA drawer units which I highly recommend for craft supplies. They hold a load of stuff. My goal was to find a storage solution for bigger items and to add pattern to one wall.

As far as adding pattern to the wall, I went back and forth about whether to do wallpaper or paint and what pattern to do but ended up choosing painted stripes because I knew it was something I could handle. In the end, I could handle it, but it took a lot longer than I expected. Here are the steps with my tips so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

1. Use 1.5″ painters tape and cover the entire wall from the bottom up. This step took me the longest because I did about half one night and when I woke up, most of it had come off the wall. I realized going the entire length of the wall with just one strip of tape wasn’t sturdy enough so I modified it to about three strips per length.

2. Once the entire wall is covered, remove every other strip of tape.

3. Paint over the entire wall, tape and all, the same color as the base coat of your wall. This will seal the edges so there isn’t any bleeding. (Annie shared this tip with me after I had already painted my stripes and I cursed the entire time I was doing touch-ups).

4. Paint the non taped section of wall in the colors of your choosing, this will probably take a couple of coats. I just purchased samples of each color since I knew I didn’t need that much.

5. Let dry completely then remove tape to reveal a wall of stripes.

painted wall of stripes

how to paint a striped wall

office storage ideas
As pleased as I was about how the wall turned out, I was equally as pleased with the storage solution I found. Since there isn’t a closet and I have larger items that I need to have easy access to, I chose this storage cabinet from Wayfair. Here are reasons I love it, that I’m not getting paid to say:

1. It’s super sturdy and indestructible.
2. It holds so. much. stuff.
3. The door locks so my kids can’t access my sharp paper cutter or make a mess with my supplies (I hide chocolate in there too).
4. It comes in my favorite color, navy.
5. We can always use it in the garage in the future.

office storage ideas

office makeover
(the contents of the three prettiest drawers)

inspiration wall

There you have it, the prettiest corners of my office. Next goal is to rip out the carpet Beck dumped a can of paint on.

sources: letter board, ice cream bank, drawer units, yellow mesh side chair, steel storage cabinet, crushin’ it banner

skating zebra ornaments are my fave

December 18, 2015

Chances are you’ve already trimmed your tree but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some ice skating zebras to it. I’ve tried, but I really can’t think of any style of tree they don’t belong on. Plus, they’re non-crafter friendly and will cost you pennies to make. It’s time to be festive folks.
diy christmas tree ornaments Supplies:
skating zebra download
– art board/cardboard (something sturdy)
– spray adhesive
Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears
Fiskars Standard Tag Maker with Built-in Eyelet Setter or Fiskars Three-piece Eyelet Setter Set
– ribbon or twine

diy ornaments
christmas project ideas
homemade ornaments


  1. Download and print zebra image. Glue to art board with spray adhesive, which I recommend because it is undetectable under paper and once it’s set, that image will not budge.
  2. Cut around image with Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears. Before I discovered these shears I probably would have tried to handle this step with a razor blade which would have ended in a wonky edge and a flesh wound. These shears cut the board easily because they are designed to cut cleanly through thick and heavy mixed media materials.
  3. With the Fiskars Three-piece Eyelet Setter Set, punch a hole in the board and finish with an eyelet. Or, I used a strong hole punch and the built-in eyelet setter on the Standard Tag Maker. I like the polished look the eyelet gives it.
  4. String each ornament with ribbon or twine then trim your tree with skating zebras, naturally.


free gift tags
If you’d like to package the ornaments up for a gift, I have three patterns you can download right here, then just give them a quick punch with the Fiskars Standard Tag Maker. The Fiskars Standard Tag Maker makes it easy to create tags perfect for gifts and other crafts in just three quick, simple steps.

Happy decorating. Happy giving.

This post is sponsored by Fiskars but I would use and like their products even if it wasn’t.

For more information on Fiskars crafting products, check out their website or follow Fiskars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

holiday printables are my fave

December 16, 2015

Lately on Julep…
printable gift labels
Holiday Treat Labels

diy holiday banner
Pom Pom Garland

printable gift tags
Scratch Off Gift Tags

a gift guide for your bestie is my fave

December 2, 2015

You guys, I’m nailing Christmas gifts this year. I even thought of something for my dad. I know gift guides are abundant but I felt like I needed to share my good vibes with any of you who might be stumped. It’s titled for your bestie but there are ideas for everybody on this list (planner for a coworker, ice cream for your dad). You can also just send it to your significant other and say “this is my list.” Because, this is my list.

giftguide (4)

Spice grinders that fit the definition of practical but pretty.

A happy coffee table book to thumb through while waiting for the pizza bites to heat up.

An art print because you always fancied yourself a curator.

A minimal monthly planner with already penciled in brunch dates.

A gold basket to contain their wrapping paper addiction.

A sweatshirt that declares their true love.

A cozy blanket so they don’t have to get a cat to warm their feet.

A fancy pouch they love but would never buy for themselves because they’re too practical.

Ombre candles for cake topping emergencies.

A canister in their favorite color for their secret stash of Take 5 bars.

A message board so they have a platform to share their vast knowledge of movie quotes.

The best sweatpants in all the land.

And their motto while wearing said sweatpants conveniently printed on a pennant.

Earrings so good they’ll consider braving Claires and getting their ears pierced just to wear them.

Butter soft booties that their feet would look might fine in.

Membership to the pint club because you want to seal the deal on the best friend title.

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