diy holiday typography prints are my fave

December 12, 2013

If you’re like me and your collection of holiday decor hasn’t reached more than a handful of ornaments and some scraggly stockings, you can add some instant cheer with these easy diy prints.


All you need is a gift wrap sheet (I used some from Rifle) and some metallic letter stickers (found at an office supply store). Peel the letters off, stick them down, bing! It’s getting holly jolly in here.




photography: Nicole Coleman

printable gift wrap is my fave

December 11, 2013

printable gift wrap
If you need to keep little hands busy and want some cute gift wrap while you’re at it – these patterns are ready for you to download, print, and distract with. You can get the full details and downloads at my post on Say Yes to Hoboken.

a holiday dinner party is my fave

December 10, 2013

As much as I love a party, I’m intimidated by dinner parties. We’ll have people over for dinner, sure, but it’s never anything too fancy. I want to get over this fear and asked my sister for tips. Every year around the holidays she hosts an eight course dinner. I’ve never been lucky enough to attend (dang distance) but I always hear rave reviews. Here are her go-to menu and tips.

holiday dinner table setting | you are my fave

The Menu
Drink: berry slush
Appetizer: artichoke dip with baguettes
Soup: baked potato
Salad: raspberry spinach
Bread: homemade rolls
Entree: spiral ham
Side: cranberry jello
Dessert: raspberry trifle

There’s nothing too intimidating on the menu, right? But it all would be crowd pleasing. I like the idea of adding a cheese and fruit plate, that would kick things up a notch in the fancy department.

holiday dinner table setting | you are my fave

The Tips (and why an eight course meal can be fun)
- Prepare as much of the food as you can the days beforehand, even if it’s just prep work for it to be assemble ready. The day of the party is always hectic so try to ease up on your to-do list as much as possible.
- Set the table the night before. If you don’t have enough dishes, buy a set of plain white restaurant style plates – you’ll end up using them a ton.
- If there are some items on your menu you’re worried about making yourself, have a friend who is a good cook chip-in. Or hire a culinary student.
- Hire some teenage/college aged servers so you can sit and enjoy the meal with friends.
- The best part of serving courses is that all that hard work will be spread over an entire evening instead of the meal being consumed in 15 minutes flat. It’s fun to savor it all.

holiday dinner table setting | you are my fave

To recreate the tablescape, drill small holes into a piece of wood (bought and cut to size at Home Depot). Then fill the holes with branches of pine then add vintage bottles, pinecones, and ornaments in an organic fashion. Isn’t the mustard and red color combo a fresh take on the traditional holiday colors?

holiday dinner table setting | you are my fave

Although it’s too late in the season to plan one now, my goal for the new year is to have a legit dinner party. You in?

photography: Nicole Coleman
styling: Jenn Elliott Blake

gold leaf clay gift tags are my fave

December 6, 2013

gold leaf clay tag

The second project I created for  30 Days of HoliDIY are these monogrammed, gold leaf, clay gift tags (that could double as ornaments too). Did you get all that? You can find the tutorial right here.

More 24 Merry Days!
- A collection of goodies from Leif
- Instant gallery wall (I love the Britt Turner print)
- Artifact Uprising has the loveliest custom photo books

Have a weekend filled with holiday goodness. My plan is to address all our Christmas cards and watch Elf.

color blocked ornaments are my fave

December 5, 2013

color blocked ornaments | you are my fave

I was having trouble finding ornaments for our tree that weren’t too precious (little fingers) or shiny (in a bad way). Then along came a 12 Months of Martha package with my favorite product, MS Crafts acrylic paint, and I decided some color blocking was in order.

To create your own you’ll need:
- ceramic or paper mache ornaments (found at a craft store)
- MS Crafts acrylic paint
- masking tape

Tape, paint, dry, repeat. Holiday handmade project skill level: 1 (especially if you’re worried about straight lines like me).

color blocked ornaments | you are my fave

This project is part of 12 Months of Martha, one craft a month using products from the Martha Stewart Craft line.

giant christmas tree paintings are my fave

December 4, 2013

Today’s artful post was created by Bar Rucci

christmas tree paintings | you are my fave

When doing art at home with my kids, I am always thinking of ways to mix things up. We’ve been doing lots of small format work and collaging lately, so it was time for a change. Seeing their faces when I brought out the giant paper was priceless! They were able to use their whole body to draw and paint which resulted in a vibrant, more energetic work of art.

christmas tree paintings | you are my fave

christmas tree paintings | you are my fave


- Large watercolor paper 30” x 22” (found at local art stores or online)

- Pencil + eraser

- Liquid Watercolor

- Brushes + water + damp sponge or paper towel


- Use the pencil lightly to draw the tree and any other decoration. My middle daughter did hers first and decided to add presents to the bottom, which I loved. (I hadn’t even thought of that!) We talked

about what type of tree to draw, and she decided she wanted a triangle instead of a bushy tree. After seeing hers, my son and other daughter followed suit, with triangle trees and presents. They all look different, though, which is the best part!

- Next, color in with the liquid watercolor. I encouraged them to mix different greens. We also let the paint dry before coloring in the ornaments. Although having watercolors run into each other is preferred most of the time, my kids wanted these paintings to be “more neat”.

- Two of them added a border, which is a nice way to frame and finish off the artwork. And that’s it!

christmas tree paintings | you are my fave

christmas tree paintings | you are my fave

I love how my son’s presents cover the whole page and look like flags. He is seven and usually the messiest artist, but this time he worked really hard to stay in the lines. I was so proud!

christmas tree paintings | you are my fave

My oldest daughter likes all of her art to be perfect and symmetrical (which can be a bit of a frustration for her). She used a ruler to draw her tree and all of her decoration. I love the triangle snowflakes and her super tall present on the right. She loved it, too (phew)!

This art project was one of our faves. They all painted with such concentration, and there were very few supplies needed so it was easy to set up and put away. We will hang these up every Christmas from now until forever.

I hope you try these with your kids (or maybe make one yourself)!

You can find more of Bar’s art projects at Art Bar Blog or shop her card shop (hello holiday postcards) at Late Night Cake.

a colorful tape christmas tree is my fave

December 3, 2013

colorful tape christmas tree  | you are my fave

If you like to festive up each room in your house (or don’t want to worry about stepping on pine needles), this easy unconventional tree is ready to pile the presents under. Hopefully a car shaped one. Get the full tutorial right here on Julep.

Psst, 24 Merry Days has started!

Day one: An accent chair you’ll never believe is from Lowes
Day two: $250 to Anthropologie
Day three: A bike from Public Bikes!

boxes of holiday treats are my fave

December 2, 2013

One of my favorite holiday traditions growing up was making loads of treats and piling them high on plates to deliver to friends. This year I’ve decided to put the paper plate aside and upgrade to a clear box with compartments, just the right size for a tasty portion of each goody. Oh, and they’re themed.

holiday treat boxes | you are my fave

holiday treat boxes | you are my fave

The chocolate box includes:
- dark chocolate orange peel
- milk chocolate grahams
- homemade oreos
- pistachio cranberry bark
- thin mints
- puppy chow

The white box includes:
- meringues
- browned butter rice krispie treats
- vanilla macarons
- white chocolate dipped pretzels
- homemade marshmallows
- coconut macaroons

The sweet and salty box includes:
- kettle corn
- Lindt a Touch of Sea Salt
- chocolate covered pretzels
- saltine cracker toffee
- sea salt caramels
- pistachio cranberry bark

holiday treat boxes | you are my fave

If you want to make the exact same treat boxes, I have these cute labels (designed by yamf’s resident designer, Kirsten Bingham) available for you to download, print, and attach on the top of the box with ribbon.

- Chocolate Box Label Download
- White Christmas Box Label Download
- Sweet & Salty Box Label Download

holiday treat boxes | you are my fave

Eat up!

design: Kirsten Bingham
photography: Nicole Coleman
styling: Jenn Elliott Blake

twenty-four merry days is my fave

November 27, 2013

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 8.12.35 PM

Speaking of advents (will I ever stop?) this one might be the best yet. Announcing 24 Merry Days: 24 days, 24 bloggers, 24 giveaways.

Let me explain to get your a little more pumped. Audrey of This Little Street rounded up 24 bloggers (one of which is me) to host a giveaway every day leading up to Christmas. And the prizes are good folks. Like double digit gift cards to Anthropologie and Mud Australia good. Like fine leather goods good. Like a C1 bike from Public Bikes good. I hope I’m eligible.

Starting December 1st, you can follow along with the giveaways on 24 Merry Days and I’ll be sure to link to them daily. So make your wish lists this weekend, because they might be coming true with a spot of good luck and 24 Merry Days.

woven paper christmas cards are my fave

November 26, 2013

woven paper christmas cards

woven paper christmas cards

You know I love advents and iVillage has a nifty one going on right now that I’m happy to be apart of. It’s called 30 Days of HoliDIY – a new holiday project from a talented blogger every day for an entire month. You can get the instructions for these woven paper cards I made right here on iVillage. These would surely earn you prime fridge real estate.

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