a market cart is my fave

June 26, 2013

Today’s post is from sweet Joy, the gal behind Frock Files. You could use this tutorial for a cute clothes hamper redo too.


Two of my favorite things about summertime: visiting the farmer’s markets and going on picnics. For both, we always end up carrying way more than we expect, so last year we got a black collapsible cart, which was really helpful but totally utilitarian.

After falling in love with a bunch of pretty vintage bicycles on Pinterest, I decided to give my cart a similar look with some spray paint and handlebar tape. A burlap bag keeps the small items from falling through the grates, while the empty space in the back is just right for heftier items.

- Wire cart
- Sack (burlap, twill, or even a heavyweight pillowcase)
- 1 yard ribbon, divided into 4 parts
- Grommet kit
- Spray paint (Krylon’s Catalina Mist)
- Handlebar tape
- Washi tape


1. Following the instructions on the can, spray paint your cart. Krylon’s paint dries within a minute, so it doesn’t take long to do five or six even coats.


2. Since the paint takes an hour before you can handle it, head inside to work on your sack. Decide on where you want to place your grommets. I chose to place mine 2” down and 1.5” out from the seam. Place your grommet in the spot; mark an x inside the center of the grommet.



3. Using fabric scissors, cut a hole where the x is located. Then install your grommet according to the package instructions, or watch this video. (Don’t be intimidated – it’s really simple!)


4. Once the cart has dried, it’s time for the handlebar tape. Remove the paper backing to reveal the sticky side. Make one straight revolution around the cart’s bar, then pull the tape at a 30-degree angle to continue wrapping down the bar.


5. At the end, cut your handlebar tape at an angle then use washi tape to hide the end.


6. Loop your ribbon through the grommets and secure the sack to the cart.

7. Load up your gear and find a shady spot for your picnic, or head out to the farmer’s market.


See more from Joy on Frock Files

an ice cream party is my fave

June 25, 2013

This post is sponsored by Disney Story. To find out more about this brand-new story-creation app – and how it puts the power of storytelling in your hands - click here.

Having an ice cream party to celebrate the summer solstice has become a tradition in our family. Here is what the longest day of the year delivered us this time around.

you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

IMG_6102 (1)


you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

you are my fave: ice cream party

Every year this party looks pretty much the same (with variations in toppings, decor and location) but it’s always my most successful planned celebration of the year. While the ice cream is delicious, my favorite part has to be all the kids digging in. I used the Disney Story App to compile the photos of all the sticky, happy faces this year to easily share it with the parents.

How did you celebrate the arrival of the season?

Download the Disney Story app from iTunes  – for FREE – right here!
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photography by Nicole Coleman and my niece
supply sources: tissue decorations, colorful spoons, Meri Meri ice cream cups, aluminum scoops, beverage dispensers

a light up popsicle is my fave

June 21, 2013

diy marquee sign

diy marquee sign

I guess the light up 1 for Beck’s birthday wasn’t quite enough. Now I feel the need to make every shape marquee like and what’s happier than a yellow popsicle to welcome summer? If you need a giant popsicle for yourself, I followed Jordan’s tutorial right here. The popsicle shape is pretty simple to replicate.

Hello summer. I love you.

And for some summer crafting goodness:
- DIYs for your backyard
- Concrete and cement projects are kind of all the rage
- The 4th of July is coming!
- Hack it, IKEA style

a popsicle photo backdrop is my fave

June 20, 2013


diy photo booth backdrop

If you’re not in a happy summer mood, this popsicle backdrop will surely get you there. You can get the full tutorial right here on Julep.

PS That’s my niece holding Beck. She’s here for two weeks job shadowing (eh, organizing my supply closet) for a school project. I want her to stay forever.

a diy gift box is my fave

June 19, 2013

Today’s tutorial was created by the talented Alana of Humunuku. These boxes would make mighty cute favors filled with chocolates.

gift box template

If you don’t fancy yourself much of a paper folding artist but still want to give it a shot, you’re in luck because boxes are one of the easiest items to fold and I’ve even created a template for you to print right on out.

gift box template

To make your own, you’ll need:
- Box template
- 2 Sheets of Card Stock (any color, I used grey)
- A printer
- Bone folder or something to score
- Scissors or Blade
- Glue Stick

gift box template

Step one: Score fold lines on top of box, using arrows as guidelines. Then cut around dotted line. Put aside.

gift box template

Step two: Cut bottom of box template out. Score all of the dotted lines. Still on bottom of box, make four cuts along dotted lines where it says “cut” (note, cut instructions not pictures, but it is in the pdf).

gift box template

Step three: Fold and glue long side of box up first. Fold and glue shorter sides of box to fold over flap ends of long sides.

gift box template

Step four: Using your eye, fold top of box pattern to shape, so it will fit when you slide it on the the bottom box. Glue just the top box closed.

gift box template

Step five: Slide top of box onto the bottom. Should fit snugly. Fill it with whatever goodies you want. I made dark chocolate peanut butter cups!

gift box template

gift box template

See more from Alana on her blog or shop (elephant onesie!)

summer buttons are my fave

June 18, 2013

you are my fave: summer buttons

you are my fave: summer buttons

you are my fave: summer buttons

I had fun making these name tag buttons so I decided some summer ones were in order. And of course I made them available for download for anyone who appreciates this season like I do . You can grab these icons of summer right here to turn into pieces of flare for your denim vest. They’d also work as stickers, confetti or fake tattoos. I’m planning on using them as party favors.

PS If you don’t have access to a button maker, call around to businesses that customize items like t-shirts and awards – they might just have one you can go in and use. You can also try out a toy button maker.

buttons designed by Kirsten

baby face cake toppers are my fave (and I’m not talking about the r&b singer)

June 17, 2013

Today’s post is from the coolest cake maker in all the land, Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land.

Babies! They make the world go round! Who can resist a funny little baby face. I just love a modern, simple party and thought this idea would be really cute for an easy times baby shower, gender reveal party or baby’s 1st birthday. All you need is a teensy bit of drawing skills (hardly) and a cake or two – store bought or handmade, up to you!

You will need:

1. Craft paper in a few different colors for the baby faces (the world is multicultural!) I used pale pink, yellow and grey brown.
2. A craft circle punch (I used two sizes but one size works, too!). Or, you can hand cut circles with scissors, too – just takes a bit longer.
3. Wooden BBQ skewers, scotch tape, a black Sharpie and a package of felts or pencil crayons.
4. A cake and some cupcakes to plunk your baby faced cake toppers into. Or, a pie would work too of course! Bring on the dessert!

Ready to make this party happen? Well allllright.

Punch out some colored circles. Optional idea: set some aside to use as table confetti for the party table setup.

Get your Sharpie ready! Drawing time!

I used my fine tip black Sharpie to draw the faces. Do you hate drawing? No worries. I’m also a kid’s art teacher! Focus on simple shapes: circles for eyes, lines for lips and a little curved line for the nose. I added eyelashes, tears, curly hair and colored in parts with felts for variance.

Adhere your baby faces to wooden BBQ skewers and toothpicks using scotch tape.

Plunk your baby face cake toppers into your cake and cupcakes and get ready for the cutest party ever!!!

Cake, photos and styling by Lyndsay Sung. Check out this whale cake she made for a lucky three-year-old.

a bbq in a box is my fave

June 14, 2013

bbq in a box

bbq in a box

bbq in a box

For Father’s Day I’m giving Ryan the gift of grilling his own steak. When you know how to cook it just so and hide the amount of butter you use from your wife, you’re just asking to be put on barbecue duty on your day off. I’ll provide the root beer.

Looking for more Father’s Day ideas?
- 25 diy gifts
- Free downloads for the jolly good fellow
- Printable cards for pops

sources: IBC Root Beer; plates, hamburger cartons, meat thermometer and napkins from Target Dollar Spot; skewers; steak and hamburger rub; bamboo meat markers; hamburger slider press (similar); McClure’s Pickles

a popsicle tote is my fave

June 13, 2013

popsicle tote bag diy

First off, I apologize if you read the title of this post and thought I was going to share instructions on how to make a tote that stores popsicles. That’s called a cooler. This tote will not keep your icy snacks chilled, but it is a good transporter of essentials for the pool.

To make your own you’ll need:
- cotton tote bag (I used Susan’s tutorial to get the dip dyed look)
- heat transfer material
- popsicle stencil (I used a Silhouette Cameo to cut out the exact design)
- x-acto knife

popsicle tote bag diy

Step one: Trace your popsicle design onto the back of the heat transfer material (the non-shiny side) and carefully cut out with an x-acto knife making sure to peel away the negative space. Or let the Silhouette Cameo do the work for you (razor blade cutting is not my forte).

Step two: Position the design onto the tote bag face down.

Step three: Cover with thin cloth and iron firmly over the design for about one minute.

Step four: Let cool and slowly peel away the plastic backing to reveal your now transferred design.

popsicle tote bag diy

Good news! If you want to try out a similar project for yourself, use the code FAVE right here for a bogo deal on any Silhouette heat transfer material now until eod Saturday. Woohoo!

Alright, now time to sit down and eat a real popsicle.

I was not paid for this post, I just genuinely like the Silhouette products.

a summer party invite is my fave (free download!)

June 12, 2013

you are my fave: summer party invite download

you are my fave: summer party invite download

you are my fave: summer party invite download

Right now I’m singing the jingle, “it’s the best day of the year!” (see: Parks and Recreation; season 4, episode 4, Pawnee Rangers) because the official first day of summer is next Friday, June 21st! That means the Blodgett’s sometimes annual ice cream party is in the works and a carafe for hot fudge has been purchased. If you want to throw a party to welcome the best season of the year too, Kirsten has designed these invitations available to download and print for your own celebratory needs. Yay, summer!

Invitation Front
Invitation Back

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