a diy tablet case is my fave

September 25, 2013

Today’s post is from sweet Joy, the sweet gal behind Frock Files.


Airmail envelopes have always held a special place in my heart, not just because getting mail from a foreign country is always exciting, but also because their red and white edging makes for great design. Earlier this year, I learned about Tyvek and how it’s essentially indestructible and I had an epiphany: Tyvek tablet cases! With a bit of foam and felt for padding, your laptop or tablet will be safe and sound.


- 9”x 12” Tyvek envelope
- 2 pieces 9”x12” felt
- 2 pieces 9”x12” crafting foam with self-adhering backing
- 2 buttons
- Baker’s twine or other string
- Needle
- Thread
- Crafting glue


1. With a ruler, mark the middle of the envelope’s flap with a pen. Measure 3” down and make another mark. Sew one button over each mark.

2. Tie the baker’s twine around the top button. Secure with a knot.



3. Cut each piece of felt and crafting foam to 8.5”x11.5”. Glue the felt over the foam. Place a heavy book on top of the foam and felt for at least an hour.


4. Peel the backing off of one of the pieces of foam and carefully slide it into the envelope until the bottom is aligned with the end of the envelope. Repeat with the second piece of foam. Press out any air bubbles by rubbing the Tyvek from the middle outward.

5. Nestle your tablet into its new home!


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a balloon chandelier is my fave

September 20, 2013

balloon chandelier

Turns out balloons and fishing wire are all you need to make a pretty fly* chandelier. Find the full instructions right here on Julep.

* I’m trying to expand my adjective choices since I use awesome, pretty, and amazing too much. Fly seemed like the next logical choice.

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a yarn lei is my fave

September 18, 2013

Today’s tutorial was created by the talented Alana of Humunuku.

diy yarn lei

In Hawaii, it’s traditional to give leis on special occasions, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries. Although flower leis are most common, sometimes people like to make leis out of all different types of materials. Especially ones that last for a long time, like yarn. As a kid I remember making tons of these yarn leis for friends for different occasions. A lot cheaper than a lei and it’s made by you. (more…)

a paper bag puppet party is my fave

September 17, 2013

Today’s post is from my real life best friend and all around creative gal, Kelly of Cloudy Day Gray.

There’s an incredible playground at the school across the street from our house. It looks like an enormous wooden castle. In the center of everything there is a small theater with a puppet stage. We could not let the summer pass without taking advantage of such a fun gem.

Using Airheads as quirky tongues became the inspiration that lead to a full on candy inspired playdate.

I painted white lunch bags the night before to add a little color and simplify the party – short projects seem to go a lot smoother, especially when candy is involved. I also precut shapes to be used as embellishments ahead of time with a pair of sharp kitchen scissors. We used brads to hold everything together, so that the candy could be removed (and eaten) at the end of the puppet show.

I was delighted with the excitement the kids showed over their personalized water bottles. To make your own you will need 15 minutes, a handful of airheads, wax paper, a rolling pin, and some scissors.

Step 1: Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.

Step 2: Place unwrapped airheads onto the cookie sheet and bake until soft (just a few minutes).

Step 3: Use a rolling pin to thin the candy and smooth the seams, then let the candy sheet cool down.
Step 4: Cut strips long enough to fit around a water bottle (leave the wax paper backing on).
Step 5: Cut out the first letter of each guest’s name using a different color airhead and press firmly onto the cut strip. You could also use a cookie cutter or let your guests create their own design.
Step 6: Pull the candy around the bottle and use the wax paper to hold the candy in place.

After hearing one of the kids shout, “This is the best day ever… and the tastiest day ever, too”, I knew the party was a success.

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black and white cookie favors are my fave

September 13, 2013

nyc party favors

nyc party favors

At the end of the party, send your guests home with a NYC bakery staple – the black and white cookie. Package in a glassine envelope with a thank you mimicking the subway lines taped right on the front. Piece of cake (or cookie).

Happy partying, NYC style.

thank you design by Kirsten Bingham

pin the crown on the statue of liberty is my fave

September 12, 2013

pin the crown on the statue of liberty

pin the crown on the statue of liberty

pin the crown on the statue of liberty

How long has it been since you’ve played a pin the tail game? I played one about four years ago and let me tell you, it’s still fun. For this spin on the traditional party game, I had an image of the statue of liberty printed large scale (24×36) at Staples ($3!). Then I printed and cut these illustrated crowns for the pinning part. Easy and delightful.

crowns designed by Kirsten Bingham

nyc party food is my fave

September 11, 2013

nyc party food

PicMonkey Collage2

As far the menu goes, stuff your guests with the best of street cart grub. Hot dogs that have been sitting out too long, stale soft pretzels and a greasy slice of cheese. Each of these items can be easily made bite size (remember pretzel tots?) which would make them all the more appealing.

nyc party cake

nyc party cake

And what’s a party without cake? These city blocks make the perfect topper and can double as a gift (as long as you lick the frosting off).

nyc party posters are my fave

September 10, 2013

nyc themed party posters

nyc themed party posters

For decorations that take little effort but still look great, tack up posters playing off of the classic I (heart) NY design by Milton Glaser. Just replace the NY with the initials of the jolly good fellow you’re celebrating then print off the design on 11×17 paper. Print off enough to cover a large area for the biggest impact.

And the nyc themed party week goes on.

a nyc party invite is my fave

September 9, 2013

It’s (yet another) party theme week on yamf! This time I’ll share ideas for a NYC themed bash that would work for a city kid as well as a welcome or farewell party to the Big Apple. So let’s get started with the invitation, shall we?

nyc party invitations

nyc party invitations

Interactive invitations are always a treat to receive and worth the extra shipping cost. To create these, I used a small cardboard box covered with paper and topped with a view-top lid (you can get similar ones here). I filled it with paper crinkle, set this toy wooden taxi on top, and sealed with striped washi tape. The secret is the invitation is folded up on the bottom.

nyc party invitations

After the excited guest digs through the crinkle, folded up on the bottom is the poster invitation to be pulled out and read thoroughly until you flip it over to reveal…

nyc party invitations

a play map for your taxi. Bam!

nyc party invitations

invitation design by Kirsten Bingham

a painted geometric garland is my fave

September 6, 2013

painted geometric garland

You need more garland in your life, don’t you? You can find the tutorial for this gem I made over at Julep.

Have a swell weekend. I’ll be spending it with my parents in France who I haven’t seen for over a year. Yay!

PS If you missed me a bit this week, I’m over at Babble and Disney Baby too.

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