paper craft projects are my fave

September 30, 2014

I’m teaming with Craftsy to learn some new skills. Craftsy offers hundreds of online video classes in sewing, cake decorating, photography, art, cooking and many other categories all led by expert instructors.


As much as I love a good de-cluttering session, my craft closet is definitely the messiest space in the house. I have a hard time getting rid of anything because some of my best projects have been created with leftovers. That being said, my scrap paper supply is overflowing at the moment.

Enter Craftsy’s (free!) eGuide, 6+ Stash-Busting Paper Craft Projects. In this guide, five experts share their tutorials on how to repurpose those scraps into something useful, like this accordion thank you card I made.


Included in the guide are detailed instructions on:

    - How to use scraps to make a stunning scrapbook layout
    - 3 ways for using leftover paper to make cards
    - DIY scrap paper embellishments
    - Creating lined envelopes using paper scraps
    - Color blocked thank you card (FREE template included!)
    - Organizational hacks for your paper crafts stash

To learn all this and start putting those scraps to good use, follow this link and download the guide for free. And take a look at all the Paper Craft video classes Craftsy offers right here.

Craftsy is a yamf sponsor but I would love their classes even if they weren’t. View their entire class catalog right here.

funny cards are my fave

September 25, 2014

I have a pretty solid card collection but the problem is, I have a hard time parting with the best ones unless I’m positive the recipient will appreciate it as much as I do. Each of these might stay in my stash forever.

1. That’s Bananas
2. Favorite Parent
3. You Had Me At
4. Fanny Pack
5. We Are So Tired
6. Clean House, Full Fridge
7. Stupid Card
8. We Should Get Coffee
9. Treat Yo Self
10. Bridesmaid

a birthday cake backdrop is my fave

September 24, 2014

Kelly recently threw a birthday party for her daughter Matilda and made a photo backdrop inspired by a yamf project. I loved it so much, I asked her to share the how-to today.

Having a best friend as a party planner always comes in handy – even when we are 2,000 miles apart. Mel’s advice of focusing on one or two big elements may be the best party advice I have ever received. So for Matilda’s second birthday party, I gathered inspiration directly from this YAMF birthday poster.

Matilda was meeting family and friends for the first time at this party, so a photo booth was a must. Here is how you can make your own:

Supplies: a large sheet of plywood (I got this one from my brother’s garage), paint (I used Martha Stewart craft paint), two paint brushes (one small for the candles and one larger for the cake layers), and painter’s tape.

Process: Tape off the cake and layers, paint each layer a different color, pull off the tape, free hand tall candles, alternating colors, and snap away!

Time: I painted the morning of the party and it took no more than two hours.

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a patch banner is my fave

September 18, 2014

from guest contributor Kelly Smith

My son started getting random patches after each soccer practice and was excited to iron them onto something. But the thought of putting them onto something that he would grow out of, broke my heart a little. I mean, patches are cool and should be displayed. So we made a little banner that he can hang in his room and add to as more patches come his way. Here is how you can make one for your little as well.

Supplies: one sheet of felt, a pair of scissors, some fabric glue, a small wooden dowel, and some string.

Process: Fold your sheet of felt hotdog style, cut a triangle towards the center. Then put glue along the top edge of felt and fold over about an inch – hold for a bit until it sticks, then let dry. Stick the dowel through the top tunnel – add string. Iron on patches and hang.

Time: ten minutes tops.

You guys, I am totally excited to start collecting patches as souvenirs to fill this little guy up. And then you know I will have to make a bigger one. And so on and so forth. Enjoy!

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beth allen is my fave

September 17, 2014

custom portrait

Instagram has become my entertainment of choice during round the clock feedings. Sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole of newborn pics and try to find the strangest baby name of the day. And sometimes I meet crazy talented people and I remember why social media can be so great. Beth Allen is one of those people.

How do I love her? Let me count the ways:
- Pinkish (abstract art is always welcome to the fave club).
- I commissioned a portrait of Beck and he walks around the house hugging it and saying, “it’s me!” I love how she accentuated his curls (which were freshly cut before the top photo was taken).
- She teaches Thursday night art classes and I might need to make a trip to Arizona just to attend.
- This print.
- She has one of my favorite Instagram streams where she sells a small, original painting every Friday.
- Also, her husband bakes.


Beth Allen, welcome to the tippy-top of my fave list.

bottom three photos by Angela Hardison for

a craftsy giveaway is my fave

September 16, 2014


Last week I shared that I’m teaming with Craftsy to learn some new skills. Craftsy offers hundreds of online video classes in sewing, cake decorating, photography, art, cooking and many other categories all led by expert instructors.


The latest class I took was Scrapbooking With Style: Clean & Simple Layouts taught by modern day memory keeper, Kelly Purkey. I loved how in depth the class was yet it was easy enough to follow that a novice scrapbooker like me could actually make the pages look good. Since I love Craftsy so much, I want to give each of you a chance to win free registration for the class today.

In the class you’ll learn:
- how to create seven modern scrapbooking layouts
- foundational techniques for your pages
- how to use mist
- layouts for multiple photos
- how to use stencils
- how to layer patterned papers
- cluster technique
- how to mix vertical and horizontal photos

If you’d love free registration to this class, simply follow this link and enter to win. Winner will be chosen at random on September 23rd and will be sent a free class access link from Craftsy. Good luck!


Craftsy is a yamf sponsor but I would love their classes even if they weren’t. View their entire class catalog right here.

images: Kelly Purkey

an awesome party is my fave

September 15, 2014


Sometimes your husband is in a band in college and you go to the shows and secretly admire the dance moves of the girl in the front row and then you meet that girl and it turns out she’s crazy fun and then about eight years later that girl is famous and taking her dance moves on the road and asks you to help her throw a party and even though you’re hugely pregnant you say yes and it turns out a little something like this.

HeatherGrayPhotography.awesomewithbing.denver2014-37 HeatherGrayPhotography.awesomewithbing.denver2014-129 HeatherGrayPhotography.awesomewithbing.denver2014-73
PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage
HeatherGrayPhotography.awesomewithbing.denver2014-93 (1)

The great Alison brought her How to Be Awesome tour to Denver in June and I was lucky enough to be involved as the event coordinator. I call myself lucky for several reasons. First, I got to use the gorgeous Blanc as the backdrop for the event. Second, I got to work with Denver creatives like:

- Rebecca who did the flower arrangements (and is a jack of all trades)
- Paul who illustrated every guest and who makes the funniest cards I’ve ever seen
- Heather who took these gorgeous photos
- Rachel who taught us how to weave the coolest yarn wall hangings (and is the absolute sweetest)

And who could be more fun to host with than Alison who is a fire cracker and constant inspiration?! I want to be her when I grow up.

Thank you to both Alison for trusting me to pull this off and Bing for bringing the party to Denver.

Learn more about the event and see more photos right here on The Alison Show.

all photos: Heather Gray Photography

a pop-up birthday card + free class are my fave

September 10, 2014


While we’re slowly getting back into the swing of things since Margo’s birth, I’ve noticed I have a renewed enthusiasm for self improvement. One of the many areas I want to focus on is education, because there’s nothing quite like being sleep deprived from having a newborn and hearing jingles from Daniel Tiger for the hundredth time in one day to make your brain feel a bit like mush. So I’m happy to be teaming with Craftsy to help me learn some new skills (from the comforts of my own home) and share what I’m learning with you.

Craftsy offers hundreds of online video classes in sewing, cake decorating, photography, art, cooking and many other categories all led by expert instructors. One of the best parts is you can take each class at your own pace, anytime and anywhere you like.

The first (free!) class I took was Create Stunning Birthday Cards with Kimber McGray. Just because it was free doesn’t mean the quality lacked at all. In this class I learned how to create:

- a gift card pocket card
- a penny slider card (kids would think this one was so great)
- a shaker box card (the best way to incorporate confetti)
- a pop-up surprise box card

PicMonkey Collage

I used the techniques I learned from the pop-up surprise box card segment to make this birthday cake card.

Want to learn how too? You’re in luck because Craftsy is offering this class to yamf readers for free! Just sign up here for the free class and start crafting away. This is the perfect way to try out Craftsy, risk free. Fair warning, you might get addicted and become a full time student.

Craftsy is a yamf sponsor but I would love their classes even if they weren’t. View their entire class catalog right here.

a hip hip hooray sign is my fave

September 5, 2014

diy party sign
How do you let your guests know they’re in for a good time? Spell it out for them with this party sign. It’s easy enough that even a lady at 37 weeks pregnant can crank it out (the fact that the end of my pregnancy was in sight was why it says hip hip hooray).

Get the full tutorial right here on Julep.

a diy a-frame tent is my fave

September 4, 2014

from guest contributor Kelly Smith

diy play tent

When Beck was born, I had this grand idea to make him a teepee. I spent a ridiculous amount of time and effort failing miserably at the teepee making. So for Margo, I knew I wanted to make something simple, something she could grow with, something that was easy to store and assemble, and something that was Mel’s style. So here it is, an A-frame tent done my way!

Materials: a flat bed sheet, four 48″ long 1x2s, three 48″ long 3/4″ dowels, a drill and 3/4″ hole saw, sewing machine or fabric glue, pencil, and tape measure.


  • A-frame: in each 1×2, drill a hole centered at 4″ from top and 1.5″ from the bottom
  • sheet: cut (along the long dimension – think hotdog) the sheet to 48″ wide, slip one of the dowels through the hemmed edge at the top of the sheet, assemble the A-frame and pin the other end of the sheet to fit the frame tautly, disassemble the frame and hem the pinned, bottom edge (make sure to leave enough space to allow for the dowel to slide through), as well as the long edge.

Time: drilling the holes and assembling the A-frame takes about 15 minutes. If you want to sand and paint the boards as I did, allow for an extra hour. Measuring the sheet, pinning and either sewing or gluing the hem took me about 45 minutes. Giving this project a total of 2 hours. But I think I probably spent at least an extra two hours deciding on fabric and paint colors. Only the best for that little Margo!

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