a nyc advent calendar is my fave

November 24, 2015

In just a week we’ll get to crack open the first box of the advent calendar. Here’s a matchbox one that you can easily put together while noshing on leftover pie this weekend.
homemade advent calendar

NYC advent download
– 24 matchboxes (sized 2 1/4″ L x 1 3/8″ W)
– double sided tape or glue
– scissors or paper cutter
– advent fillers

diy advent calendar


1. Print the NYC advent download and cut out each rectangle.

2. Glue or tape to the top of each matchbox.

3. Fill with treats and festive bits and display standing up or attached to a board or heavy piece of paper.

free advent calendar
advent calendar diy

design: Kirsten Bingham

a one man band is my fave

October 15, 2015

Good news for those of you who fret just thinking about glitter and hot glue – this costume has no make-it-yourself element. Unless you consider tin can lids attached to the knees with rubber bands too crafty.
one man band costume

There really isn’t any instruction, just gather up instruments and attach them on (suspenders are helpful for this). If you have the time (and desire), hand make the instruments. Save an oatmeal canister to make a drum.

one man band costume

last minute halloween costume

PS A monkey or Mary Poppins would make great matching costumes.

sources: accordion, tin drum, horn

sun and moon costumes are my fave

October 14, 2015

While I’m not a fan of the horror side of Halloween, I do love the kids in costumes part. So I’m sharing a few ideas this week (and next week on Julep), all which will take you an hour or less to pull together. Because that’s how I roll.

For the moon:

1. Google “moon photo” and pick one you like
2. Get it printed as an engineer print or large format print
3. Cut out and paste to foam core, trim excess foam core
4. Create handles on back by laying ribbon vertically and taping at top and bottom


For the sun:

1. Find an all yellow outfit (these are pajamas)
2. Cut out yellow felt in a crown shape and attach to yellow headband with hot glue

If you have more than two kids to outfit, add a star or planet.

PS Here are some other quick costume ideas: three ten minute costumes, panda, swan, strawberry, ice cream man

a care package is my fave

September 1, 2015

Jamie of CRAFT and I teamed up as part of coLAb with Alt Summit to take one project, the care package, and show you how to create it in two different ways. So today I present the ultimate care package for the college freshman (snacks should be added liberally).

care package
care package for college student
anatomy of a care package
care package ideas

sources: key tag, heart stickers, flair pack, Damn Good Advice, paper clips, work hard print, flora agenda, pencil pouch from Target, push pins, grid blanket (in last photo)

Now go take a look at Jamie’s sunny interpretation of the care package on her blog, CRAFT.

a first day of school placemat is my fave

August 25, 2015

first day of school party

Want to make the send off to school a little more cheery? Download one of these placemats to surprise your kids at breakfast. Then kick them out the door and enjoy a leisurely trip to Target.

first day of school printable

Already celebrated the first day of school? Just Sharpie over first. You gotta do what you gotta do.

designed by Kirsten Bingham

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