a sugar rush in a box is my fave

August 26, 2014

from guest contributor Kelly Lanza
candy care package

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Melanie and I both love sugar. Ok, I lied… that’s definitely not a secret. Also not a secret: How much I love Mel’s “In a Box” series! So, I jumped on the bandwagon and combined all things awesome to bring you a Sugar Rush in a Box! BAM! Who wouldn’t want to receive a sprinkle filled box with sugary treats in all varieties!? Because we don’t want to just eat sweets, we wan’t to wear ‘em too. Let’s dig in.

candy care package
candy care package
candy care package

I think you would win all the awards if you gifted someone this for their birthday. All of ‘em. Happy Sugar High everyone! And most importantly, a very sweet congrats to you, Melanie! I know you’ll teach those babes of yours about the important things in life, like ice cream.

Sources: Striped Box from Target, Jumbo Quin Sprinkles, Ice Cream Balloon Weight, Candy Bracelet, Ice Cream Lollipop from Michaels, Donut Card, Cupcake Box, Dessert Erasers from 99 Cent Store, Rock Candy Lip Gloss, Sprinkle Tape from Target, Fruit Farts Candy (No really, that’s what it’s called.) Gummy Bear Box, Donut Necklace, Ice Cream Jump Rope from 99 Cent Store, Ice Cream Cups, Donut Sunglasses, Ice Cream Necklace (This was a favor from a party but you can get the cone in pillow form here!)


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topped toast is my fave

August 22, 2014

There are few foods I like more than a good piece of toast. Here are ten ideas for topping the delightful food that are a tad more fancy than butter.

1. Avocado + strawberry + goat cheese
2. garden tomatoes
3. tomatoes + ricotta
4. smashed berries
5. peach + prosciutto + ricotta
6. egg + goat cheese
7. arugula + ricotta + pomegranate
whipped feta + tomato
9. wild mushroom + cheese
10. pear + walnut + ricotta

a scalloped backdrop is my fave

August 21, 2014


Surprise, surprise! I’ve created yet another party DIY that’s so easy, you really don’t need instructions (but I provided them for you anyway). Basically, if you can cut a circle, you can make this party backdrop.

Get the full tutorial right here on Julep.

Photos: Jennifer Little

a girly party is my fave

August 20, 2014

from guest contributor Ashley Rose

Today I’m sharing a few favorite ideas to create your very own sweet adventures party, perfectly styled for little princesses since Mel is celebrating her first baby girl.

​Make these DIY invites to let guests know.


Let their imaginations run wild here.


​Serve them sprinkled strawberry milk cheesecake.


Send them off with the cutest party favors of all time.

photo one by Michaela Egger for Oh Happy Day // photo two by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo // photo three by Sprinkles Bakes // photo four by stevie pattyn for Shop Sweet Lulu

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an ice cream terrine is my fave

August 19, 2014

by guest contributor by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land

ice cream terrine recipe
There’s nothing very complicated about this summer-perfect ice cream terrine. We’re re-shaping ice cream into a cute brick, guys. But it is worth the effort because it INDEED becomes a cute brick, with three delicious ice cream flavours, ready to be sliced and diced onto the nearest eagerly awaiting plate – a cool, creamy treat perfect for summer parties.

ice cream terrine recipe

You will need:
- A loaf pan (I used a 9 x 5 x 3 inch)
- Three pints of ice cream in vanilla, chocolate and cherry (or your fave flavours). If you wanted to be completely insane you could make each ice cream flavour – but that leaves less time for frolicking in the pool or in the yard! I recommend the lazy approach here.
- A small offset spatula (crucial for smoothing)
- Whipped cream
- Fresh fruit to garnish
- Cake flags for extra cuteness (use washi tape or craft paper)

ice cream terrine recipe


Remove your first ice cream flavour from the freezer; set on counter for five minutes until soft. Remember, you’ll be flipping the terrine upside down so the first flavour will be on the top. Using an ice cream scoop, dole out about six large scoops of ice cream and place in loaf pan. Working quickly, use the offset spatula to smoothe the layer flat. Place the loaf pan in freezer for 20 minutes to set the layer. Repeat with the following two flavours, making sure to freeze each layer until set.

Finally, freeze the whole thing for at least 3 hours to set it up. Before removing from freezer, make up a small batch of whipped cream (or just use a whipped cream canister from the grocery store).

To remove the terrine, have a flat plate or cake stand ready and waiting. You might even want to chill the plate or stand for 20 minutes beforehand. Run the sides of the loaf pan carefully under hot water for just a few seconds to loosen. Turn the loaf pan upside down onto the flat serving plate; terrine should release. Use a paper towel to wipe up any melty drips.

Using a piping bag fitted with an open star tip, or the nozzle of the whipped cream canister to pipe drop stars along the center of the terrine. Place fresh fruit on top – slice with a sharp knife, and serve with more whipped cream and berries!

Summer just got TERRINED.

ice cream terrine recipe

ice cream terrine recipe

ice cream terrine recipe

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popsicles are my fave

August 15, 2014


Make room in your freezer this weekend, it’s popsicle time.

1. whole fruit
2. chocolate covered peanut butter
3. banana split pudding pops
4. strawberry orange
5. strawberry lemonade
6. blueberry mint
7. mango chile
8. creamy coconut and blood orange
9. brown butter
10. watermelon lime

watermelon cake toppers are my fave

August 13, 2014

from guest contributor Brittni Mehlhoff
watermelon cupcake toppers

I love, love, love all of the party inspiration on You Are My Fave, so I wanted to create a kid-friendly project that would be great for birthday parties or summer get-togethers. And since I’m kind of obsessed with watermelon at the moment (case and point), I thought watermelon cupcake toppers would be fun to make. To give them more of a playful vibe and make them more exciting for kids, I used bright colors and cut the shapes out of foam sheets. So easy!

watermelon cupcake toppers

Here’s what you need to make your own:
-Foam Sheets (which you can buy on Amazon or at a local craft store)
-Craft Glue
-Wood Skewers or Lollipop Sticks


Start by cutting out a half circle from one of your foam sheets. You can do this by tracing a small bowl and then cutting the circle in half or just free handing it. Then cut a smaller half circle, from a different color foam sheet. This will be the inner ‘melon’. Next, cut some small seed shapes from foam.

Once all the cutting is finished, it’s time to start glueing everything together. Using a basic craft or school glue (strong glues like super glue may eat through the foam, which is why I’m recommending basic craft glue). Glue the smaller melon shape onto the larger melon shape and then glue the foam seeds on in a haphazard pattern.

Once the glue is completely dry, flip your melons over and glue a short wooden skewer or lollipop stick onto the back. Wait for it to dry. Then, poke into a cupcake or cake and you’re ready to celebrate summer.

watermelon cupcake toppers
watermelon cupcake toppers

Instant Party: Go all out and throw a watermelon themed party with the following party items: these Erin Jang watermelon party invitations from this YAMF posta DIY watermelon piñatawatermelon slushies, and these cupcake toppers.

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch

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a summer night in a box is my fave

August 12, 2014

from guest contributor Amelia Markgraf

The temps are still going up, my friends, and the chances of sleeping well in the hot, hot heat are going way down. Thank goodness the secret to heavenly sleep on a hot summer night can be found in a box full of these goodies: lavender soap to use in a cold shower, and a breezy cotton nightgown to slip into afterwards; a candlestick, a fragrant bouquet, and a glass jar of icy water for the nightstand to keep things feeling fancy and fresh while you (try not to) sweat like a hog; a good book to help you doze off, and a cute pillowcase to doze off onto; and, last but not least, a cold, creamy treat. Go ahead. No one’s gonna judge you for eating ice cream in bed when its 95 degrees outside. No one.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

sources: nightgown, pillowcase, soap, book

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tubs of cookies are my fave

August 11, 2014

party favor ideas
party favor ideas
I can’t think of any occasion where a tub of cookies wouldn’t be appreciated. Except maybe a Weight Watchers meeting. Get the free printables right here on Julep then set the butter out to soften.

PS A chocolate chip cookie taste off

Design: Kirsten Bingham
Photos: Jennifer Little

movie night ice cream is my fave

August 8, 2014


Movie Night Ice Cream

Start with:
homemade peanut butter ice cream

Mix in:
toffee bits
hot fudge
kettle corn
chocolate covered pretzels

If it’s wrong to think that popcorn would be good in ice cream, I don’t want to be right.

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