a halloween garland is my fave

October 10, 2014


Our neighborhood goes over-the-top with Halloween decorations, even more so than Christmas. Beck is enthralled with them all so with some prodding from him, I decided to make a quick Halloween garland using the grade school paper loop method. The black and white patterns are more my style, I’m not so much into the gory/scary parts of the holiday.


To make your own, download and print (double sided) the patterns then trim into two inch strips. Loop together and attach each one with a staple.


To hang it up, I used Command Party Banner Anchors from their new line of party products and they worked perfectly. One of the first things Ryan had to do to prep our house to sell was fill in all the holes I had made hanging party decorations, I kid you not. So I’m genuinely excited about the entire line (the balloon bunchers would work great for a balloon wall) and know I will use the products frequently, especially since they’re reusable.





The patterns would also work great for a traditional triangle garland or gift wrap. Can I say I have Halloween spirit now?

designs created by Kirsten Bingham

Command is a yamf sponsor but I would like their products even if they weren’t. See the entire line of party specific products right here. Command Party products can also be found in the party aisle at your local Walmart.

a birth announcement for margo is my fave

October 7, 2014


I wanted to have a Mufasa/Simba moment (queue the music) to announce the arrival of Margo so I asked the talented husband and wife team, Eva and Kirk of Sycamore Street Press, to design and print a special announcement. Eva has designed my favorite announcements of all time so I had no doubt the result would be pretty fantastic. And that it is. I’m framing it for her nursery and it will always be a treasure.


Because Eva and Kirk are so kind, they’re offering 25% off their entire shop until this Friday, October 10th. Just use the code youaremyfave at checkout. Three of my favorites are this floral gift wrap, a foil pressed card for new parents, and a gold foil art print.

photo of Margo taken by Nicole Coleman

PS Beck’s birth announcement

pretty envelopes are my fave

October 2, 2014


Do you ever receive ads in the mail but the business puts them in a colored envelope and handwrites the address? I always fall for it. So basically what I’m trying to say with these envelope ideas is trick your friends into opening whatever you send to them. Because an invitation to your tupperware party isn’t always well received.

Get the details right here on Julep.

paper craft projects are my fave

September 30, 2014

I’m teaming with Craftsy to learn some new skills. Craftsy offers hundreds of online video classes in sewing, cake decorating, photography, art, cooking and many other categories all led by expert instructors.


As much as I love a good de-cluttering session, my craft closet is definitely the messiest space in the house. I have a hard time getting rid of anything because some of my best projects have been created with leftovers. That being said, my scrap paper supply is overflowing at the moment.

Enter Craftsy’s (free!) eGuide, 6+ Stash-Busting Paper Craft Projects. In this guide, five experts share their tutorials on how to repurpose those scraps into something useful, like this accordion thank you card I made.


Included in the guide are detailed instructions on:

    – How to use scraps to make a stunning scrapbook layout
    – 3 ways for using leftover paper to make cards
    – DIY scrap paper embellishments
    – Creating lined envelopes using paper scraps
    – Color blocked thank you card (FREE template included!)
    – Organizational hacks for your paper crafts stash

To learn all this and start putting those scraps to good use, follow this link and download the guide for free. And take a look at all the Paper Craft video classes Craftsy offers right here.

Craftsy is a yamf sponsor but I would love their classes even if they weren’t. View their entire class catalog right here.

funny cards are my fave

September 25, 2014

I have a pretty solid card collection but the problem is, I have a hard time parting with the best ones unless I’m positive the recipient will appreciate it as much as I do. Each of these might stay in my stash forever.

1. That’s Bananas
2. Favorite Parent
3. You Had Me At
4. Fanny Pack
5. We Are So Tired
6. Clean House, Full Fridge
7. Stupid Card
8. We Should Get Coffee
9. Treat Yo Self
10. Bridesmaid

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