a popsicle party backdrop is my fave

July 29, 2014

from guest contributor Lexy Ward
popsicle photo booth backdrop
I’m thinking of making popsicles be a part of our main food group all year round. They’re just delicious. And they’re colorful. And they’re fun. Win. Win. Win. Make a simple backdrop with popsicles cut from colorful paper, and your photos will seriously “pop”. (Bad jokes are my specialty.)

popsicle photo booth backdrop

• colorful cardstock
• twine
• scissors and X-acto knife or cutting machine (I used a Cricut Explore, but you can totally do this without!)
• mini wooden clips
• tape
• crazy-eyed baby (optional)

popsicle photo booth backdrop

popsicle photo booth backdrop

Find a simple popsicle silhouette online. I just searched BING and found a zillion. Print the image out and trace it onto your paper. Cut out 25-30 or more depending on the size of the wall you’ll be taping these to.

Once the popsicles are all cut out, attach them to strands of twine with the mini wooden clips. Hang the popsicles in any order you see fit. Stick a crazy kid in front and start snapping the camera.

popsicle photo booth backdrop

popsicle photo booth backdrop

Now, the baby and I are off to find some popsicle treats that won’t effect our waistline.


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a sprinkle ice cream cone holder is my fave

July 28, 2014

diy ice cream cone holder

diy ice cream cone holder

It’s the last week of National Ice Cream month! Live it up with eating a cone a day – guaranteed to taste better when served from a stylish holder. Find the easy instructions right here on Julep.

photos: Jennifer Little

fridays are my fave

July 25, 2014

Yay for Fridays and the fact that I’m not pregnant anymore!

1. Easy paper lanterns (in a pretty great color palette)
2. Wanted: this gelato print for Margo’s room
3. I’d prefer a bagel party over a donut one (so sue me)
4. I wish I had a backyard for this modern nook
5. I bet any meal served at this table would taste amazing (even SpaghettiOs)

Just a note: I’ve got a month of the best guests, faves and ice cream lined up starting on Monday. Leave lots of nice comments for the guests and pep talks for me.

margo jane is my fave

July 23, 2014

I’m so happy to announce that his little gal joined our family on Friday. She was 8 1/2 pounds (we think it’s mostly in her cheeks), 21 inches, has a tiny bit of dark hair, and a scream as loud as her brothers. Her name is Margo Jane and we’re in love.

fruit crisp ice cream is my fave

July 17, 2014

fruit crisp ice cream
fruit crisp ice cream
Fruit Crisp Ice Cream

Start with:
brown sugar ice cream

Mix in:
oatmeal crumb topping

I may have panicked thinking that the baby was going to come this week and by the time I got out of the house again, peach season would be over. So I made a special trip to Costco for a box of the greatest fruit in the world and I will eat them all within a matter of days. And then go back and buy a few more boxes because everyone lied to me and second babies don’t come any earlier than the first.

In conclusion, fresh peaches are the best non-chocolate ice cream mix in.

an ice cream crawl is my fave

July 16, 2014

ice cream crawl

It’s the summer of ice cream on yamf (have I made that painfully obvious yet?). If you’d like to join the cause of consumption, it’s time to organize the annual ice cream crawl. Gather up a group of fellow ice cream lovers, choose 3 to 5 shops to try in your area, bring along the scorecards, eat yourself silly, and declare a winner.

ice cream crawl

You can download these scorecards right here on Julep. They make things all official and such.

ice cream crawl

Another way to make things more official is to create maps for each of the guests. Here are the five scoop shops we hit up in Denver this year:

ice cream crawl

Glacier Ice Cream and Gelato – The place to go if you love variety and your ice cream with chunks.
Flavor to try: Funky Donky

ice cream crawl

Nuggs Ice Cream – Solid homemade ice cream but nothing really stood out to me here.
Flavor to try: Stellar Milky Way

ice cream crawl

High Point Creamery – If I opened an ice cream shop, this would be it. Every detail is spot on and the ice cream is the freshest I’ve ever tasted. The ice cream flight is absolute genius (five flavors, specialty toppings, hot fudge or caramel, and a tray that says Eat Your Heart Out).
Flavor to try: Chocolate Orange with Marshmallows or Mango Coconut Lassi

ice cream crawl

Em’s Ice Cream - Super fresh. Super creamy. Super tasty.
Flavor to try: Toasted Coconut (this blew me away)

Sweet Cow - I never met a flavor here that I didn’t like. Plus, pretzel cones!
Flavor to try: Oatmeal Cookie

Pace yourself and enjoy!

Psst, here are the five scoop shops we hit up last year.

scorecard and map design: Kirsten Bingham

thirty in a box is my fave

July 15, 2014

gift wrap ideas

On Sunday, my best friend Kelly turned 30 and I thought if there were ever an occasion that called for a monumental in-a-box, this was it. So recalling Jane’s fortieth birthday box, I gathered up 30 presents. For the wrapping, I stuck with kraft paper and cardboard and simple embellishments (all found in my supply closet, thank you hoarding tendencies). Here’s just a sampling.

gift wrap ideas
gift wrap ideas
gift wrap ideas

While thinking of 30 gifts would be difficult to attempt for most people, I found it was like shopping for myself and it was nice to have an excuse to buy all those Target finds that I can never justify. Here are some of the items included (I left out the less photogenic stuff like Sixlets).

thirty in a box

sources: socks from Target, garland from Target, Gap clutch, motto journal, Orla Kiely purse kit, tape and dispenser from Target, salt water taffy, happy cards, candle, seed packets, haters gonna hate sticker, twist scarf, 30 sparklers, mini heart, the short list, have a nice day stamp, perpetual calendar from Target, necklace, post-its from Target

I’m not sharing this to toot my own horn, I’m sharing to encourage the sending of care packages. So go forth and brighten someone’s mailbox.

fridays are my fave

July 11, 2014


1. I honestly have never served cheese yet I want all of these cheese plates
2. Frozen treats have been my lunch of choice this past month (never again summer pregnancy, never again)
3. Dots and poms make a plain cushion sing (and a fave new blog)
4. I cannot believe this midsummer mingle was put together in three weeks (the hostesses are magic)
5. Erin Jang’s invitation designs make me want to go paperless

cowboy bark ice cream is my fave

July 10, 2014

chocolate homemade ice cream
homemade chocolate ice cream

Cowboy Bark Ice Cream

Start with:
dark chocolate ice cream (with a sprinkle of salt)

Mix in:
honey roasted peanuts
toffee bits
chocolate sandwich cookies

Trader Joe’s finally came to Denver (tough life we westerners have) so I feel it my duty to try one different treat every time I shop. Cowboy bark recently landed in my cart and I felt the need to mix it into ice cream because my theory is if you’re going to have dessert, have dessert. This one’s a winner.

color blocked canisters are my fave

July 9, 2014

diy gift wrap
Two things I’ve made clear: I’m crummy at getting wrapping paper corners to lay flat and I love Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Paints. Hence, this steamer turned color blocked gift container.
diy color blocked canisters
To make your own you’ll need:
- bamboo steamer
- acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Paints in party streamer, wild salmon, and gold)
- basic paint brushes

All you need to do is paint the outside of the steamer (I did two coats), then let dry, and gift away. IF they like it enough, the gift recipient can even repurpose it as a storage container for bits and baubles or beef jerky. Their call.

diy gift wrap
gift wrapping ideas

photos: Jennifer Little

This project is part of 12 Months of Martha, one craft a month using products from the Martha Stewart Craft line.

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