tubs of cookies are my fave

August 11, 2014

party favor ideas
party favor ideas
I can’t think of any occasion where a tub of cookies wouldn’t be appreciated. Except maybe a Weight Watchers meeting. Get the free printables right here on Julep then set the butter out to soften.

PS A chocolate chip cookie taste off

Design: Kirsten Bingham
Photos: Jennifer Little

movie night ice cream is my fave

August 8, 2014


Movie Night Ice Cream

Start with:
homemade peanut butter ice cream

Mix in:
toffee bits
hot fudge
kettle corn
chocolate covered pretzels

If it’s wrong to think that popcorn would be good in ice cream, I don’t want to be right.

watermelon is my fave

August 7, 2014

watermelon diys

Apparently I missed National Watermelon Day which was August 3rd (man, the things you let slip when you have a newborn..) but I’m still awfully fond of this summer fruit.

1. poster
2. cake
3. blank cards
4. party picks
5. diy welcome mat
6. illustrated art print
7. popsicle
8. card
9. diy piñata
10. desktop wallpaper

frozen yogurt bon bons are my fave

August 6, 2014

from guest contributor Ashley Rose bon bons recipe frozen yogurt bon bons I was so excited when Mel asked me to write a little something for YAMF because as a party and kid friendly blog, I have to make zero excuses for covering everything in sprinkles. Not that I make a lot on my own blog, it’s just that if anyone can back me up on sprinkles needing their own food group title it’s the little ones, am I right?

Good news is kids and adults alike will rejoice over this frozen yogurt bon bon recipe (sprinkled or not), because they’re a super easy way to make a lower calorie (and fewer sugared up children) version of the infamous ice cream dessert we all know and love…


  • Plain yogurt
  • Honey
  • White chocolate chips for melting
  • Sprinkles
  • Frozen fruit (optional)
  • Gel food coloring (optional)
  • Ice cube tray
  • frozen yogurt bon bons

    In a bowl, pour in just enough yogurt to make the amount of ice cube sized bon bons you’ll want. Next, squeeze in a little bit of honey and stir. You can add more or less honey depending on how sweet you want the bon bons to be. You can also blend a few fruits into the yogurt if you’d like to create mini smoothies almost. I added strawberries and bananas to one row of yogurt cubes but I ended up eating those before I actually finished the end photos, so don’t judge me.

    Once your ice tray is filled, let it freeze for several hours until completely frozen solid. Next, melt your white chocolate and add in any food coloring you’d like. Dip the frozen yogurt cubes into the the chocolate one by one and immediately dip them in a small bowl a sprinkles and place on a plate sprinkle side down in the freezer until ready to serve.

    frozen yogurt bon bons
    bon bons recipe

    They turn out to be a really cute way for a grab and go summer refresher without the guilt. I think I’ve clearly showcased that by eating all of the strawberry bananas ones before they got their glamour shots, but then again this is coming from the girl that sprinkles everything.

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    a palm springs inspired party is my fave

    August 5, 2014

    from guest contributor Erin Souder

    High summer is upon us and nothing screams summer chic more than a retro palm springs style party. Any excuse to kick back, relax, and beat the heat with friends is high on my list and creating an event that is memorable even just for a little get together is so much fun.

    serve - bar cart

    Getting the vintage vibe is easy! Serve colorful bottled soda on a retro beverage cart.


    Relax in the shade under a preppy trimmed umbrella with plenty of cushions for seating and a few of these little guys for ambiance!


    Keep cool and look great in a breezy kaftan, big sunglasses, and lawn-friendly wedges!


    As the night cools down, get active with a classic croquet set.

    Not only do all of these elements come together for form the perfect Palm Springs inspired party, but more importantly, they all help to create a night you and your friends won’t forget! Have fun!

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    stamped favor bags are my fave

    August 4, 2014

    party favor ideas
    party favor ideas
    Edible treats are some of the easiest and most well-received party favors, but sometimes that Skittles packaging just doesn’t cut it. So I created an easy, two-minute repackaging solution that will turn the treats into party-ready favors. Get the full tutorial right here on Julep.

    summer in a box is my fave

    July 31, 2014

    from guest contributor Chelsea Costa
    care package ideas
    care package ideas
    care package ideas
    care package ideas
    These warm weather faves would be a fun little package for somebody heading out on a vacay or road trip, or even just celebrating in their own backyard.

    -a grownup sippy cup to stay hydrated
    -a cute journal and some fun pens to keep track of adventures
    -heart-shaped sunnies to protect those peepers
    -sweet snacks for munching
    -colorful pins to keep hair in place
    -a camera to snap the best moments
    -nail polish in only the brightest colors
    - bon voyage luggage tag for happy travels

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    summer is my fave

    July 30, 2014

    from guest contributor Casey Baudoin
    Living in Scotland, where wearing a jacket in June is not uncommon, I crave everything about the warm summer months! In every setting: live, make, drink, wear, do… Here are some of my current summer faves!

    1. daybed
    2. swimsuit
    3. margarita recipe
    4. diy beach wave hair spray
    5. Tulum vacation
    6. outdoor movies

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    a popsicle party backdrop is my fave

    July 29, 2014

    from guest contributor Lexy Ward
    popsicle photo booth backdrop
    I’m thinking of making popsicles be a part of our main food group all year round. They’re just delicious. And they’re colorful. And they’re fun. Win. Win. Win. Make a simple backdrop with popsicles cut from colorful paper, and your photos will seriously “pop”. (Bad jokes are my specialty.)

    popsicle photo booth backdrop

    • colorful cardstock
    • twine
    • scissors and X-acto knife or cutting machine (I used a Cricut Explore, but you can totally do this without!)
    • mini wooden clips
    • tape
    • crazy-eyed baby (optional)

    popsicle photo booth backdrop

    popsicle photo booth backdrop

    Find a simple popsicle silhouette online. I just searched BING and found a zillion. Print the image out and trace it onto your paper. Cut out 25-30 or more depending on the size of the wall you’ll be taping these to.

    Once the popsicles are all cut out, attach them to strands of twine with the mini wooden clips. Hang the popsicles in any order you see fit. Stick a crazy kid in front and start snapping the camera.

    popsicle photo booth backdrop

    popsicle photo booth backdrop

    Now, the baby and I are off to find some popsicle treats that won’t effect our waistline.


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    a sprinkle ice cream cone holder is my fave

    July 28, 2014

    diy ice cream cone holder

    diy ice cream cone holder

    It’s the last week of National Ice Cream month! Live it up with eating a cone a day – guaranteed to taste better when served from a stylish holder. Find the easy instructions right here on Julep.

    photos: Jennifer Little

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