a new mom in a box is my fave

May 5, 2014

gift ideas for new moms

What would new moms appreciate?
- a headband to cover up the hair loss
- a pretty robe to make her feel like she got dressed
- snacks and more snacks
- a card letting her know why she’s awesome
- a water bottle that is more attractive than the hospital cup
- a journal to catalog the delirious joy
- cash for a Netflix subscription

Bonus ideas!
- a cute nightlight for the late feedings
- ear plugs for when the husband takes over
- a favorite book or magazine for when instagram gets old

gift ideas for new moms

fridays are my fave

May 2, 2014


1. I’d like some personalized painted pennants for my team (Beck and baby)
2. A simple way to make white balloons fancier
3. This Paris flat is all so lovely (I’m especially fond of the gold rolling ladder)
4. I sure hope the half moon pattern doesn’t become the next chevron because I love it so
5. A breakfast birthday cake

printable mother’s day cards are my fave

April 30, 2014

Let’s make a pact to be on top of Mother’s Day this year, mmmkay? Or force our husbands/dads/children to make the pact.

free mother's day card
free mother's day card

Here’s how I’m helping, I’m offering an even easier version of the photo booth strip Mother’s Day card I made last year. Top a box of good quality chocolates with it and you’ll have a happy madre.

Get the download (designed by Kirsten Bingham) right here on Julep.

PS That strip is the result of Beck’s first solo try at the photo booth. He wasn’t a fan of the flash. Ha!

the color condition is my fave

April 29, 2014

Tuesday’s happy inducing find: hued streamers created by the two ladies behind The Color Condition.

the color condition
the color condition
the color condition the color condition
the color condition

The streams are made from a mixture of table cloths, shower curtains, and painters drop cloths. Pretty amazing, right? I’d love to see an installation in person and dance through them as if I were Maria on top of the mountain in Sound of Music.

See more on The Color Condition and Patina.

a happy two-year-old is my fave

April 24, 2014

kid birthday party ideas

If you learn one lesson from Leslie Knope, let it be this: you coordinate birthday celebrations to fit the honoree. While Beck would have probably been amused by an elaborate party, he was just as happy with a bunch of balloons and eating cake with his best buddy. Also known as, I took the easy way out.

Last year we adopted Meta’s family tradition of the birthday table. When Beck arose in the morning he was greeted with a balloon wall (which he ran to right away and pulled off every balloon he could reach) and his presents and cake. The smile didn’t leave his face for the rest of the day which was spent doing a few of his favorite activities.

birthday party decorations
birthday party ideas
toddler birthday party ideas

Later on we had a couple friends over for dinner and cake (I made this recipe for the first time and it was a winner) and Beck was beaming as he was sung to. He even knew to blow out the candles and cheered for himself plenty. Simple celebrations for the win.

birthday party decorations

Beck is my sunny boy. I’m so blessed to be his mom.

boden is my fave (sale + giveaway!)

April 22, 2014

boden kids

boden kids

boden kids

Whenever Ryan picks up the mail and a Boden catalog is in it, he comes through the door waving it saying, “It’s your favorite!” I really do love thumbing through each page and dog earring my wish list. I was surprised when my sister was here a couple weeks ago and commented she had never heard of the store. Have you? It’s UK based but became available in the states a little while ago. They have the best dress selection (several with sleeves – I appreciate upper arm coverage, okay?) and great quality basics. And I’m floored with the adorable items they have for little ones. I’ve never been disappointed by an order.

If you’re a fan (old or new), good news! All this week they’re having a great sale of 25% off daily favorites. And especially for my readers, they’re offering free shipping and free returns with the keycode X6K7.

Bonus! One lucky reader will receive a $50 gift card. Simply visit Boden and comment on this post with an item that is on your wish list. This giveaway is only open for 48 hours. Winner must have a US mailing address, will be randomly selected and contacted by me via email. Good luck!

Follow Boden: instagram, twitter, facebook

Items pictured here (for baby girl of course): retro print pinnie, 5 pack onesies,
pretty printed tea dress, pointelle cardigan

fridays are my fave

April 18, 2014


1. What a rain of 8 million flower petals looks like
2. I’m floored by the possibilities of removable wallpaper (patterns used to be so limited)
3. Happy wrapping that reminds me of watermelon
4. Please note, this necklace has officially made the birthday wish list
5. Time to throw a party just to use this color palette

- Fave gram
- Fave pin
- Best of the week!
- Easter printables (to distract the kids from the candy this weekend)
- These craft packs are a trifecta of thoughtful, clever, and cute

a grassy easter backdrop is my fave

April 17, 2014

easy easter decorating

If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate for this weekend’s festivities, look no further than a turf rug. Sure when used for it’s original purpose it looks like a bad mini golf course but hang it up on the wall and add some paper flowers and you’ve got yourself a springy backdrop worthy of your brunch spread. See the full tutorial right here on Julep.

an easter picnic is my fave

April 16, 2014

boxed lunches for easter

I’m sharing these picnic lunches with parents in mind. The parents who will spend their weekend stuffing eggs and playing Easter Bunny. The parents who will realize at one point that all they’ve eaten is sugar snuck from those eggs and they need something with a little more substance. And then they’ll be handed one of these lunches while their kids are pushing over other kids in the name of jelly beans and they’ll just avert their eyes because it will be just that delicious.

boxed lunches for easter

boxed lunches for easter

boxed lunches for easter

I had Molly create the menu because she’s a food genius. You’ll be all set to picnic with:

- a baguette with prosciutto, brie, and jam
- an arugala salad with sliced radishes, hardboiled egg, and sesame dressing (2 parts tahini, 1 part honey, 1 part sesame oil, 1-2 parts soy sauce)
- fresh carrots and hummus
- macaroon egg nests (simply bake with a divot in the center and then finished with melted chocolate and egg shaped candy)

boxed lunches for easter

boxed lunches for easter

Of course you’ll want to give this delectable lunch the packaging it deserves. Lucky for you, I teamed up with Avery and had Kirsten design a menu to include in the box and a label to top it with. All you have to do is print (they’re all set to fit Avery templates so you don’t even have to cut – yay for perforated edges!).

- let’s picnic tag download (fits Avery Printable Tags 22802)
- menu download (fits Avery Postcards 3263)

boxed lunches for easter

Let’s picnic!

menu and photos: Molly of the gorgeous (and witty) blog, My Name is Yeh
tag and menu design: Kirsten Bingham

Avery is a yamf sponsor, but I would love their products even if they weren’t. If you decide to have a different menu or want to write something different on the tag, use Avery Design & Print Online (which is free) to customize your own designs.

a confetti decorated package is my fave

April 15, 2014

package decorated with confetti

Last week I was sending a birthday present to my sister and decided the package needed a face lift to:
A. distract from the fact that it was late
B. make the present seem more exciting
C. make the postman smile

This is what I pulled together in a few minutes.

PicMonkey Collage

All I did was take a piece of contact paper, cut it to fit the top of the box, poured some confetti on the sticky side (pressing it down a bit and leaving a thin border around the edge), then stuck it to the box lid.

package decorated with confetti

I secured everything with packaging tape and added a label to send. Party box!


And for a little added surprise, I spelled out a little message on the inside of the lid with these stickers. I didn’t even include a note, I knew she would know it was from me.

package decorated with confetti

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