a table for breakfast in bed is my fave

February 12, 2013


Today’s post is from Joy of Frock Files. I now resolve to have breakfast in bed more often. 

At my house, we have coffee in bed every morning. There’s something peaceful about having a quiet moment to sip away before kicking into high gear. But all too often, our coffee cups go sliding off of the breakfast tray, creating a bit of chaos and causing an extra load of laundry. Needless to say, it’s not a great start to the day.

My solution: a little table with four legs and a non-slip surface. I used a Xonex writing mat, which is pretty enough to look at but also grippy enough to keep my cups and plates from moving around. And my favorite Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper gets a permanent home here thanks to the magic of Mod Podge.

So now I get to have my coffee with an extra bit of sweetness — and no spills.


– 1 Xonex writing mat
– 1 17.5” x 19.75” piece of wood
– 4 Waddell table legs (4”)
– 4 Waddell mounting plates
– Mod Podge
– 2 sponge brushes
– Super Glue
– Paint and painter’s tape (optional)


1. Start by painting your table legs the color of your choice. I had some charcoal grey leftover from painting my office walls, so I used that, but the varieties are endless! Follow the first coat with a second one.

2. Coat the unprinted side of your paper and the top of your wood with Mod Podge. I used plywood, but I’d suggest using a cutting board, shelf, or some other finished piece of wood, which will cut down on air bubbles from unevenness.

3. Lay the paper down with the coated side up, then put the coated side of the wood face down on top of it. Turn over and smooth out any air bubbles.



4. Cut the corners of the paper diagonally, leaving ⅛” at the edge. Coat the paper and the edge of the wood with glue and fold over. Do the same with the top portion, then continue with the other three sides.

5. Cut a piece of paper large enough to cover the uncovered bottom portion of the wood, then Mod Podge that. Then coat the entire piece of wood with Mod Podge. Allow to dry for five minutes, then add another coat.


6. Drill the mounting plates in at 1 centimeter from each corner. Attach the legs.


7. Attach the Xonex mat using Super Glue.


8. Enjoy breakfast in bed sans stress.

It turns out that this little table is great for writing letters and late night couch snacking, too.

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my little box is my fave

February 11, 2013

I’m lucky to have started collaborating with My Little Paris and even luckier that they send me a My Little Box monthly. Just look at some of the contents from the last couple of boxes –
you are my fave: my little box

you are my fave: my little box

you are my fave: my little box

you are my fave: my little box

you are my fave: my little box

I of course love the goodies but what I love even more is seeing how everything is branded and packaged, not one detail is overlooked. It is all just so sunny, like the dancing people on the colored pencil tube. All of the illustrations are done by Kanako Kuno who even drew a portrait of me. I adore her style.

Subscriptions for the boxes are currently only available in France and Belgium but they’re working to expand their reach. I’ll keep you updated since I know you readers in the US would probably love seeing one of these in your mailbox.

a flippin’ valentine is my fave

February 8, 2013

you are my fave: valentine flip book

Today concludes my nothing says I love you like (blank) series and I think I saved the best for last. Because if a happy heart man doing a cartwheel doesn’t say I love you, I don’t know what does.

you are my fave: valentine flip book

This flip book was designed by Kirsten and since she’s such a swell gal, you can download them for free right here. So print, cut, and flip for a happy Valentine’s Day.

I also shared these on the Etsy blog today. Hooray!

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And in case you’re Valentined out:
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a wall of love is my fave

February 7, 2013

you are my fave: wall of love notes
you are my fave: wall of love notes

I like projects that make a big impact but that require very few supplies and can be done while watching everything saved up on your DVR. Take for instance, a wall of love notes for your Valentine. Mushy, gushy love notes.

Click here for my full tutorial on Julep.

meet cutes are my fave

hello. also, i love you.
Print by The Big Harumph on Etsy

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I’ve been thinking about meet cutes, a term I only became familiar with after watching The Holiday but then became obsessed with using it every chance I got. I wouldn’t say the first meeting between Ryan and I was necessarily claims for romantic comedy rights: a dim lit basement, uncoordinated dancing happening around us, me commenting he looks like David Duchovney and him trying to impress me with the fact that there’s a Blodgett Canyon in Montana. Nonetheless, I’m sure there are some classic meet cute stories you have to share, so spill it. I’m feeling romantic today.

This short Par Chance film from Tancori has a meet cute all girls dream of.











PS I find it amusing how often Mindy Kaling brings up the topic of meet cutes on her show and on Twitter. Apparently she even sent out a meet cute kit with her Christmas cards last year. Ha!

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