a birthday party in a box is my fave (round 2)

March 17, 2011

I thought it was time to update the birthday in a box since the birthday season in my family is quickly approaching. I started with a box with one of those magnetized lids. It originally had the word Accessorize! on the front with flourishes and a cheesy illustration of a pearl necklace, high heels and clutch. (I know you’re wondering why I would cover that up since it sounds purely awesome. Don’t worry, I bought a second one to display on my non-existant coffee table.) I spray painted the box and covered the lid with a piece of polka dot paper and a mini happy birthday garland. Then I filled it with all the goodies.

The contents:
– a birthday crown (the classic Burger King one covered with paper)
– big round balloons
– felt ball garland
– yellow polka dot mini plates (found at Target last year)
– wooden forks
– party invites from Rifle Paper Company
– beeswax candles
– handmade cupcake toppers
– cupcake liners
– jimmies
– repackaged cake mix
– felt number flags
– glassine bags of confetti
– muslin favor bags

I feel like ending the post with a stir the pot dance move but the word equivalent to that would be boomshakalaka and that’s kind of embarrassing. But not embarrassing enough that I didn’t just write it. Boomshakalaka my friends, boomshakalaka.

photos: Leslie Tippetts



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