day of the week tees are my fave

November 11, 2011

Minimalist T side
Minimalist T Box
To my five male readers, I’m sorry I don’t post things for you more often. But today is for you and anyone giving you a Christmas gift this year. My good friend Natalie and her husband just opened Minimalist Tees, a shop stocked with these simple day of the week tees which are pretty much every man’s dream (except Tom Haverford). Ryan would be all over these but I can see myself getting annoyed when he wore Tuesday on a Saturday.

YAMF elsewhere this week:
My first public bump photo
White kitchens!
Best of the week (the light-up letters are super cool)
Bring on the pattern
This had me sobbing on my couch (those babies!)
I like these neutral nurseries but the commenters don’t think they’re cheery enough

Have a happy weekend.



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