a plaid moose is my fave

November 16, 2011

What’s a party without at least a couple decorations? Give a cardboard animal trophy a little makeover with the help of some plaid fabric and rubber cement. Then make quick signs by spelling out words with tacks and yarn. I actually intended to spell out warm up but ran out of room and my laziness won. I had to get back to watching videos of cute babies online.


  • On November 16, 2011 , Kelly said:

    MAN OH MAN, I wanted a moose, but a plaided moose is way cooler!

  • On November 16, 2011 , Alie said:

    You are so creative!!! I love this:)

  • On November 16, 2011 , Mal @ The Chic Geek said:

    that moose is amazing, I love him

  • On November 16, 2011 , Molly the waffler said:

    I think I like ‘warm’ better than warm up anyway…because that is what I am wishing I was right now: warm. Time to find the slippers.

  • On November 16, 2011 , Gloria said:

    Love this moose’s winter makeover!

  • On November 16, 2011 , Lena said:

    A plaid freakin’ moose? Genius.

  • On November 16, 2011 , Katie said:

    I always see these things around & think they’re cute, but oh-so plain. what a brilliant idea!

  • On November 16, 2011 , Elke said:

    the yarn lettering is brilliant for a quick sign- Love it! the thought of yarn & thumbtacks & the endless possibilities….. hmmm- I feel a project coming! thanks-

  • On November 19, 2011 , janis - pinecone camp said:

    Love the plaid moose! Now a fave of mine too 😉

  • On December 6, 2011 , Tartan Time « Fossil Blog said:

    […] Image via You Are My Fave […]

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