confetti invitations are my fave

December 19, 2011

To finish up YAMF Project Holiday 2011, this week I’ll be sharing a few New Year’s Eve party ideas. Although I think it’s a bit of an overrated holiday, I always love an excuse to incorporate confetti. These invitations are super simple, I whipped them up in about 30 minutes. Disclosure: I’m in no way a graphic designer or any type of designer for that matter.

To make your own confetti invitations you’ll need:
– glassine envelopes (check Etsy or a paper supply store)
– printer
– confetti

Design your invitation text on the computer program of your choosing then print onto your envelopes. I do this by first printing the design on paper then aligning the envelope with the text, taping it on and running it through again. Fill envelopes with confetti and seal with tape. Rent a confetti cannon and when your invitees answer the door, shoot it off. They will love that.

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