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January 16, 2012

Alright friends, today the amazing Sharon is visiting YAMF and sharing her stellar confetti shooters. This Monday is starting off awfully swell.

A good party should have confetti. But some of those cool confetti guns they sell at the markets can take out an eye. In an effort to save eyes, my own and my children’s, I decided to try to re purpose a mini push up container in to a one. I call them Confetti Push Ups.

For the last couple of years I have served Push Cakes at my parties.  The containers are so fun!  But I love to use things in new ways and knew that there were other things they could be used for.  For the Confetti Push Ups I used mini push up containers from Think Garnish.

Crafts are more fun with friends so I enlisted my trusty pal, Lauren, to help a sista out.  This craft is very easy to do and aside from the containers, you probably have all the supplies already.  Each one needs a mini push up container, a 3/4″ dowel cut to 1.5″ long, confetti (smallish in size), a small square of tissue paper and cute washi tape to secure it.

Picnik collage4
Hot Glue the wooden dowel to the base of the push up container. Then put the stem back inside the holder.

Next, fill the small area above the wood dowel with confetti. Some small pieces will slide down next to the dowel, but large pieces won’t allow you to fit much and will cause a lackluster pop. Use your best confetti judgement.

Use a small square of tissue paper to cover the confetti and secure with washi tape. These are great because you can tailor make them to match any event.

Picnik collage55
I tried these out at my son’s recent birthday party and the kids really loved them!

See more awesome from Sharon at Cupcakes and Cutlery.

images: first and last two photos taken by Dez and Tam, tutorial photos taken by Sharon

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