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February 13, 2012

Picnik collage2
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josef frank green birds_3
Picnik collage
For some reason I thought I would have our new house put together much more quickly than it’s actually coming. I think I forgot to factor in that I’d still have to work and that my pregnant state isn’t so much conducive to hefting boxes around and climbing on ladders.

My latest time sucking Google searches have been focused on wallpaper (yes, I’m putting it up in two small areas) and textiles and I keep on finding myself saying, “I just want something Josef Frank like without the price tag.” Completely fruitless I’m telling you. He just got it right.

In the US, you can buy Josef Frank fabrics and wallpaper for a pretty penny from Just Scandinavian.

images: the home of Tim and Anna on Design Sponge, the home of Lisa Grue on Design Sponge, Stadshem, the home of Julia on Dos Family, Metropolitan Home, the home of Sara and Jerker on Dos Family, Johnny Miller



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