a patterned welcome is my fave

March 16, 2012

Home update! This is the colorful welcome you’ll get when you walk through the front door of home a la Blodgett. I was going to go with a black and white geometric but in kind of a spur of the moment decision, I told color to bring it with this Orla Kiely pattern. It’s funny when I make a decision for our house I seem to always ask myself, “Is this way too blogger of me?” and what it came down to is yes, this is so blogger of me but I love it. I’ll be a stereotype for something I love.

Some more posts I wrote this week that you’re sure to like:
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Celebrate color (I need the yellow polka dot wallet)
Best of the week!

I’m also teaching two Alt online classes this weekend, a content class tonight (this one is a lot of fun) and a bringing home the bacon class tomorrow. Won’t you join me? Register here.

Have a good one.



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