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April 10, 2012

While the nursery isn’t quite complete, I thought I would share the latest handmade addition. My friend Kirsten is due to have a boy just two months after me (lucky babies) and came up with the idea to make wooden tree mobiles inspired by the background of this photo shoot from Maddy Lucas. One crafternoon later, we had a finished product to amuse our little buddies. Here’s how we went about making them.
starter veneer kit
– scissors
– small hole punch or needle
– embroidery hoop
– clear monofilament (found in the jewelry making supply) or fishing wire
Picnik collage
Take the veneer and start cutting trees in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The wood is thin enough that you can just use scissors but very fragile so be prepared for some throw aways. We freehanded the trees so they would have a slightly wonky look but for a more uniform look, you can use a stencil.
Picnik collage2
When you have a good variety, take a tiny hole punch or needle to create a hole near the top of each tree. Once again, be careful or the veneer will just split in two. I made extras to cover my lack of carefulness.
Take the monofilament or wire and string and knot through the small hole you created. Trim to desired length than knot around the embroidery hoop. Once you get a few on there, have someone hold the hoop up or balance it on a chair to keep the wire from getting tangled. Vary trees around the entire circumference until you’re satisfied with how it looks.
Knot wire to opposite sides of the hoop and hang from a ceiling hook.
Picnik collage4
Project mobile complete.

Okay kid, you can come out now!

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  • On May 30, 2017 , Nea Savoca said:

    I love this! I love the design. I love that you like to the supplies!

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