a dip drip vase diy is my fave (guest post from chelsea)

May 29, 2012

I had a baby so I’ve invited some fave guests to take over for me while I spend time with the little guy. Today’s post is from crafting champion, Chelsea from Lovely Indeed.

I’ve got a cool little DIY for you, so get your materials together:
– clear glass vase
– gold paint
– container to dip in

This project is about as simple as you can get. Make sure your vase is clean and dry. Pour your paint into a container that’s wider than the top end of your vase (my old used butter container worked like a charm). Holding your vase upside-down, dip it in the paint, only about a quarter of the way in. Flip the vase right-side-up and place it on a covered surface to dry.

That’s all there is to it! Let the paint do its thing, and make sure it’s thoroughly dry before you begin handling it. Fill it with some gorgeous spring flowers and sit back to admire your handiwork.

Happy dipping!

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