an easy halloween costume is my fave

October 30, 2012

I have to admit ever since I passed trick-or-treating age Halloween has been on the bottom of my fave holiday’s list. But it’s been pretty fun this year to have a baby to force into a funny costume. Hello (sad) strong man.

This costume is super easy to pull together. I actually only had to buy one item to make it work. Here’s what you’ll need for the look:

For the costume:
– striped one piece (this one is from Sparkle and Spin)
– white body suit
– socks (or cotton balls)
– piece of leather
– mustache
For the barbell:
– plastic baseballs (found at a party store)
– cardboard party horn (or a paper towel roll)
– black tights
– masking tape/washi tape

The costume is pretty self explanatory, just stuff the sleeves with socks for muscles and attach piece of leather with duct tape or velcro. The mustache can also be attached to the binky or drawn on with eyeliner so it doesn’t just get ripped off.

For the barbell I thought of several ways to create it but knew it would go straight to the mouth so I didn’t want to use paint or balloons (in case they popped!). I have to give Ryan credit for coming up with this method. First, strengthen the cardboard roll by wrapping in masking tape then attach the plastic baseballs to the two ends with the tape. Cover the baseballs with the material from a cut up pair of black tights. For a more finished look, go over the tape wrapped cardboard with decorative tape, tucking in and taping down the ends of the tight material.

There you go a very last minute, non-store-bought Halloween costume.



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