a punch board advent is my fave

November 15, 2012

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punch board advent from you are my fave
The other day Beck was down for a nap and I turned on the TV for a little background noise and it just happened to land on The Price is Right and they were having a theme episode where everybody in the audience was pregnant (that part isn’t really relevant but it was really funny to watch really excited pregnant women). During my hour of procrastination, the classic Punch a Bunch game was played and the idea for this advent was born.

To make your own you’ll need:
– white poster board (I tried thicker board but my circle cutter hacked it up)
– circle cutter
– tissue paper and/or crepe paper
– scissors
– tape
– 25 paper bags

Step One: Cut out 25 circles from your poster board and label each one.
Step Two: Cut out 25 pieces of tissue paper, sized to fit over the hole.
Step Three: On the backside of the poster board, place the pieces of tissue paper over the holes and attach with tape.
punch board advent from you are my fave
Step Four: Trim down 25 paper bags and make slits in the opening so they fit over the holes as well. Place treat inside and tape down bag on top of the tissue paper.
punch board advent from you are my fave
Step Five: Hang up and stand back while your child gives it a hefty punch.


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