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December 6, 2012

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Today’s post is from Joy of Frock Files. I asked her to share a handmade gift idea and she delivered with this handmade stationery and paper covered pencils. 

you are my fave: handmade stationery and patterned pencils

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve found mail to be a magical thing. Even now, I love checking the mail, and there’s nothing quite like finding a handwritten letter or a package from a friend in there. Why not be the bright spot in a loved one’s day? This handmade stationery and pencil project make it simple to send happy mail to all your favorite people — and as a bonus, you’ll have a chance to use all those catalogues and magazines that are sitting around.

Envelope Supplies:
– 1 3 5/8” x 5 1/8” envelope
– Pencil or fine point Sharpie
– Scissors
– Glue
– Address labels
– 3” x 5 “ notecards

you are my fave: handmade stationery and patterned pencils

The key to making beautiful envelopes is in finding pages that are almost completely filled with images. Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, and the J.Crew and Pottery Barn catalogues are all good places to begin your search. Carefully rip out the pages you want, keeping as much of the page in-tact as possible.

you are my fave: handmade stationery and patterned pencils

Open up your ready made envelope, which will act as a template. Lay it at an angle on a page and trace around it. Cut out the shape.

you are my fave: handmade stationery and patterned pencils

Glue the bottom portion of the envelope to the sides. Add some pretty address labels (plain white with stamps are always fun, too).

Pencil Supplies:
– Pencils
– Washi Paper (at least 7.5” x 6” worth)
– Scissors
– Ruler
Mod Podge

you are my fave: handmade stationery and patterned pencils

Measure and cut washi paper strips to 1 1/2” x 6”.

you are my fave: handmade stationery and patterned pencils

Brush Mod Podge on the back side of the washi. It’s wise to keep a jar of water handy so you don’t ruin the brush.

Align the pencil with one edge of the washi and begin rolling slowly. Make sure that you’re not getting any air bubbles. If you do, just back up and start again.

you are my fave: handmade stationery and patterned pencils

Allow the pencils to dry for at least half an hour (longer if you live in a humid climate). Sharpen each one. This is the step that gives the pencils a finished look.

you are my fave: handmade stationery and patterned pencils

And remember, no great package is complete without a handwritten note, so don’t forget to create an extra piece of stationery for yourself. Packages are lovely surprises, but love notes are the icing on the (fruit) cake.

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  • On December 6, 2012 , How To: Handmade Stationery & Washi Pencils said:

    […] you head on over to You Are My Fave today, you’ll find a simple little mail-based tutorial that I whipped up. I’ll show you […]

  • On December 6, 2012 , Chloe Moon said:

    Those pencils are adorable! I love the lil envelopes! I have to try this! I have so much stock paper…this would be perfect!

    Ergo – Blog

  • On December 6, 2012 , Living & Loving said:

    I am crazy about this project! Perfect gift for my girlfriends 🙂

  • On December 6, 2012 , little kitchie said:

    couldn’t be cuter! i love those pencils!!!!!

  • On December 6, 2012 , sarah said:

    i made something like this for my nieces a couple of years ago, they still talk about there cute pencils…must have been a hit!

    envelopes are adorable too:)

  • On December 6, 2012 , kristin said:

    great idea, i love those pencils!!

  • On December 6, 2012 , amber said:

    These are so pretty! I love making handmade envelopes, and it’s the perfect extra touch to give paper-covered pencils! Thanks for the inspiration! And thanks for introducing us to Joy, Melanie! Another great blog to love (loved it the moment you featured her neighborly gift in October).

  • On December 6, 2012 , Jackie said:

    Thrilled to re-discover your blog…this looks like a great DIY for my crafty 12 y.o. girl:)

  • On December 6, 2012 , Liz - Marry Me and Fly Free said:

    I love getting things in the mail. This post is packed with so many great ideas. I am feeling so inspired!

  • On December 6, 2012 , bebe pies said:

    i love making handmade envelopes! They are such a treat when you receive one in the mail. Snail mail notes still make my heart extra happy!

  • On December 6, 2012 , Louise said:

    J! This is my fave craft by far!, of yours! I love the look of the magazines! And the pencils are totally Adorable!! Bookmarked & Pinned! XO

  • On December 7, 2012 , Stephanie said:

    Such lovely crafts! I need to make some homemade envelopes… it looks so easy and this is a great time of year to do it with all the holiday catalogs we’ve been receiving. Love the goldfish print on those pencils!

  • On December 7, 2012 , Kate said:

    LOVE this! It’s right up my alley, as I am a Mod Podge addict. 🙂 Pretty wrapping paper works really well for the pencils, too! I’ve been recycling magazines to use for envelope liners, but I’ve never thought to make the envelopes themselves!

  • On December 7, 2012 , Joy | Frock Files said:

    Thanks for all the kind comments, friends! These are so fun to put together, and I’d love to hear about your projects if you try either of these. Happy holidays!

  • On December 9, 2012 , Clare Wilkinson said:

    What a great gift idea! One of my best friends from college would love this. She is artsy and so good about sending mail. I think I need to send these her way! Thanks for sharing, Joy!

  • On December 27, 2012 , Rachel said:

    This is awesome! Wish I had thought of the pencils. Will defiantly have to give this a try.

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