a patterned pillowbox is my fave

January 22, 2013

Today’s post is from the talented Alana Davis of Humunuku Shoppe. These pillow boxes would be perfect for party favors, Valentines, or to wrap that bling you’ve been eyeing (as long as it’s not too heavy from the weight of the diamonds).

you are my fave: patterned pillow box

To make you’re own you’ll need to grab:
- the template
- scissors
- a bone folder (or popsicle stick!)

you are my fave: patterned pillow box

1. Print template on any color card stock. You can scale size on printing options to make different sized pillow boxes.
2. Cut around outside of design.
3. Use a bone folder, or other hard tool to score on each dotted line (& also down the center, where you will fold the box in half).
4. Fold along scored lines.

you are my fave: patterned pillow box

5. Glue edges to seal box.
6. Style with bow or other decorative embellishments.

you are my fave: patterned pillow box

What surprise will you wrap in yours?

See a lot more pretty from Alana by visiting her website and Etsy shop.


  • On January 22, 2013 , Monsterscircus said:

    Wonderful box! I have tried something like this but it was shaped like a circle. Have to try this, and I would stuff it with a petit heart felt garland :-) thank you for the sharing

  • On January 26, 2013 , Gift boxes packaging said:

    This is so pretty. thought i can not wrap like this but will love to try.

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  • On September 5, 2014 , Alena Lee said:

    Thanku for sharing such a nice art with us. I can’t do it but I will love to try it. Thanks allot

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