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April 17, 2013

Today’s tutorial was created by the talented Alana of Humunuku. These cloth portfolios would make a great Mother’s Day gift or be a pretty way to house a menu at a party.

diy cloth portfolios

diy cloth portfolios

diy cloth portfolios

To make your own cloth portfolio you’ll need:
– Cloth or Decorative Paper (9″ X 13.25″ & 6″x1.75″)
– Paste or Glue
– Acid Free Double Sided Tape (optional)
– Brush
– 2 – 5″X7″ Matte Board (or old board from an old sketch pad)
– 2 – 4″X6″ Photos
– Ruler
– Razor or Scissors
– Wax Paper to protect from glue

diy cloth portfolios

Step One: Draw a 1″ border around the edge of the backside of your cloth and lay face down.

Step Two: Brush glue on front side of matt boards with brush. Apply each board to far ends of the drawn rectangle on the book cloth. Make sure to smooth the fabric down on the front. There should be a 1.25″ space between both boards.

Step Three: Cut corners of book cloth from each edge.

Step Four: Apply glue to each flap with brush and fold over to apply to board. Apply glue in same fashion to an additional piece of cloth to cover the inside spine.

Step Five: Use glue or acid free double sided tape to adhere both photos to the center of each board.If your boards begin to bend from the glue, you may want to leave the portfolio under a heavy book overnight to straighten it out.


diy cloth portfolios

See more from Alana on her blog or shop (I adore her soap packaging).



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