felt party flags are my fave

May 1, 2013

I may lose crafter cred by saying this, but I’m not a fan of glitter. My main complaint it can’t be contained and remnants of its use last forever. My second complaint is that it reminds me too much of middle school. But then I was sent this deluxe pack of shimmering Martha Stewart glitter and it beckoned. Hence, these glitterized (no-sew) party flags.

you are my fave: felt party flags

you are my fave: felt party flags

To make your own you’ll need:
– a few sheets of felt
– scissors
– craft or hot glue
– glitter
– wooden skewers or dowels

you are my fave: felt party flags

Step one: cut felt into triangles for your flag base. Then cut out any letters or shapes you want to embellish your flags with. If you’re not a wiz with the scissors, outline what you want to cut out first.

Step two: take any of the felt pieces you want to glitterize, cover them with glue and shake the glitter all over. It’s best to do this on top of a sheet of paper to minimize the glitter dispersement.

Step three: glue your shapes and letters to the flag. Trim any of the excess.

Step four: cut two small holes on the top and bottom of the left edge of the flag and slip your dowel through then give it a little celebratory wave.

you are my fave: felt party flags

you are my fave: felt party flags

you are my fave: felt party flags

You could easily customize these to fit any occasion – a birthday, a graduation, a yay the laundry is done party. So right now glitter and me are on good terms. Ask me if that’s true in a couple days when I find specks of it all over my house.

This project is part of 12 Months of Martha, one craft a month using products from the Martha Stewart Craft line. 



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