a closet full of flats is my fave

May 14, 2013

I am a flats girl all the way. I probably shouldn’t be, I’m fairly short and shoes with a heel might help elongate my sturdy (a nice word for meaty) legs. But I can’t seem to break my flats habit so I’m going to set fashion advice aside and embrace my true love.

affordable flats

affordable flats

affordable flats

affordable flats

This year while I was going through my seasonal closet purge and surge, I realized all my beloved flats were thrashed so I had to start fresh. I may have gone overboard with nine new additions but you know when you run out of something like toothpaste and then you end up buying it every time you go to the store for weeks? That’s what happened here. So today I’m sharing my closet full of flats in hopes that somebody will benefit from my shopping by finding a favorite pair for themselves.

I should mention that I labeled the shoes at full price but I didn’t actually pay full price for any of them. It pays to wait for the sale that is bound to happen within a couple of weeks.

sources: Loly in the Sky Carla Flat (all of the shoes from this brand are handmade and reasonably priced at $40, they’re darn delightful too), Lucky Brand Emmie Flat, mary janes from Target (no longer available but if you’re really lucky, you might find them in your local store), Wanted Nautical Stripe Skimmer, Old Navy Perforated Flats (on sale!), JCrew Factory Cap Toe Flats (on sale!), Banana Republic Abby Flat (my fave pair so far, I waited until they had a 40% off sale and used reward dollars – I want to make my work to get a deal clear), Kimchi Leather Peep-Toe Skimmer (comes in 6 different colors!), Calvin Klein Prelia Ballet Flats (on sale!)



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