a fused plastic bag envelope is my fave

July 17, 2013

Today’s tutorial was created by the talented Alana of Humunuku. I like how she used a Target bag, heaven knows I have plenty of those lying around. 

fused plastic bag envelope

You may have noticed with my past tutorials, packaging is kind of my thing. I really enjoy making the outside of the package look as interesting as the contents. Here’s a method I learned to turn plastic bags into something just as functional, but in a different way.

fused plastic bag envelope

To make your own you’ll need:

– Plastic Bag (thin ones work best)
– Needle & Thread
– Ribbon or String
– Buttons
– Iron
– Scissors
– Glue Stick
– Envelope Template (or old envelope)
– Pen
– Kraft Paper or Waxed Paper

fused plastic bag envelope

Step one: Cut handles off of a plastic bag. You may cut up and collage many different pieces of plastic bags together. I used a smile target bag because of the simple design.

Step two: Place plastic bag between two sheets of kraft paper or wax paper.Using a hot iron, iron over bag (between paper) all over until the plastic layers have fused together. Peel back paper to check doneness, repeat until fused.

Step three: If using an envelope, peel apart glued edges to make your own template. Or, as pictured, use envelope template to trace and cut out shape of envelope from plastic fused plastic bag (I trimmed the upper flap’s point so it was a bit shorter, to fit both buttons).

fused plastic bag envelope

Step four: Fold flaps in and use a glue stick to seal edges.

Step five: Using a needle and thread, sew in two buttons on top flap of envelope and bottom.

Step six: With a piece of ribbon or string, tie one end of string under the button. Leave the end of the string loose, so you can tie it shut when you need to.

This is the perfect way to eliminate that pile of plastic bags you have stored up.

fused plastic bag envelope

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