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August 27, 2013

diy pop art portrait

Ah, decoupage. One of the first craft supplies I experimented with when I was a tween (and made something pretty tragic with I’m sure) but it still holds a fond place in my heart. And now Martha Stewart Crafts has introduced a premium multi-surface decoupage product line so now I can experiment all over again. Here’s the first of my projects, a mini pop art portrait.

pop art portrait

To make your own you’ll need:
– a small canvas (I used a 5×5)
– fabric
– a photo (a favorite human, animal or object)
Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage, Fabric to Fabric
– paint brush
– scissors

Step one: Trim your fabric down to roughly the size of the canvas, leaving edges to wrap around the sides. Brush the entire front side of the canvas with the decoupage glue and adhere the fabric. Smooth it out to get rid of any bubbles. Then top with a layer of glue. Wrap the edges of the fabric around canvas and adhere with glue too.

Step two: While waiting for the fabric to dry, edit your photo by using the threshold feature in Photoshop (or use the free online editing program, Pixlr). Adjust size, print out, and trim.

Step three: Brush glue onto the fabric where you want the image to go and add the image. Top with a layer of glue to seal. Let dry completely before displaying prominently in your home.

diy pop art portrait

diy pop art portrait

This project is part of 12 Months of Martha, one craft a month using products from the Martha Stewart Craft line. 



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