boxes of holiday treats are my fave

December 2, 2013

One of my favorite holiday traditions growing up was making loads of treats and piling them high on plates to deliver to friends. This year I’ve decided to put the paper plate aside and upgrade to a clear box with compartments, just the right size for a tasty portion of each goody. Oh, and they’re themed.

holiday treat boxes | you are my fave

holiday treat boxes | you are my fave

The chocolate box includes:
dark chocolate orange peel
milk chocolate grahams
homemade oreos
pistachio cranberry bark
thin mints
puppy chow

The white box includes:
– meringues
browned butter rice krispie treats
– vanilla macarons
– white chocolate dipped pretzels
homemade marshmallows
coconut macaroons

The sweet and salty box includes:
– kettle corn
– Lindt a Touch of Sea Salt
– chocolate covered pretzels
saltine cracker toffee
sea salt caramels
pistachio cranberry bark

holiday treat boxes | you are my fave

If you want to make the exact same treat boxes, I have these cute labels (designed by yamf’s resident designer, Kirsten Bingham) available for you to download, print, and attach on the top of the box with ribbon.

Chocolate Box Label Download
White Christmas Box Label Download
Sweet & Salty Box Label Download

holiday treat boxes | you are my fave

Eat up!

design: Kirsten Bingham
photography: Nicole Coleman
styling: Jenn Elliott Blake

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