weather party decorations and favors are my fave

February 28, 2014

kid's birthday party ideas

The celebration house had a great big, blank wall that made for the perfect party backdrop. For an impact, I created wire clouds and colorful paper raindrops to cover floor to ceiling. I was going to create the clouds from paper but then got the idea to use wire from this tutorial on Love From Ginger. I just purchased wide, black, floral wire from Michaels so all I had to do was shape, cut and twist for the final product.

kid's birthday party ideas
kid's birthday party ideas
kid's birthday party ideas

Since kids seem to be fond of stuffed toys, I had my friend Becky (sewer extroidanaire), make these stuffed cloud pillows for the party favors. Each girl affectionately named them something to the extent of Cloudy and toted them around with them for a majority of the party.

kid's birthday party ideas
And that is how you pull off a weather party.

photos: Nicole Coleman


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  • On March 1, 2014 , Mary said:

    This is beyond cute. Giving out hand made pillows as party favors such a great idea for littles!

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