an easter basket for grown-ups (most likely of the lady variety) is my fave

April 2, 2014

easter filler ideas

What do us ladies want in our Easter basket?
A book that makes our floral arranging dreams come true
Bowls in the prettiest shades to make our midnight cereal snack more glamourous
A pad of paper that reminds us to be awesome
A card so happy it deserves a frame
– The magic salve that solves our problems
– Our own bag of Mini Eggs because they’re only available once a year
– Treats we may buy just because of the pretty packaging
– A necklace in coral that will distract from the fact we’re wearing yoga pants
– A candle that makes our home smell like Anthropologie

easter basket ideas

easter basket ideas

easter basket ideas
And please package it all in a sunny, yellow rope basket.

Love the contents of this basket? I’m giving it away on Instagram right now.



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