a confetti decorated package is my fave

April 15, 2014

package decorated with confetti

Last week I was sending a birthday present to my sister and decided the package needed a face lift to:
A. distract from the fact that it was late
B. make the present seem more exciting
C. make the postman smile

This is what I pulled together in a few minutes.

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All I did was take a piece of contact paper, cut it to fit the top of the box, poured some confetti on the sticky side (pressing it down a bit and leaving a thin border around the edge), then stuck it to the box lid.

package decorated with confetti

I secured everything with packaging tape and added a label to send. Party box!


And for a little added surprise, I spelled out a little message on the inside of the lid with these stickers. I didn’t even include a note, I knew she would know it was from me.

package decorated with confetti



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