an easter basket for grown-ups (most likely of the lady variety) is my fave

April 2, 2014

easter filler ideas

What do us ladies want in our Easter basket?
- A book that makes our floral arranging dreams come true
- Bowls in the prettiest shades to make our midnight cereal snack more glamourous
- A pad of paper that reminds us to be awesome
- A card so happy it deserves a frame
- The magic salve that solves our problems
- Our own bag of Mini Eggs because they’re only available once a year
Treats we may buy just because of the pretty packaging
- A necklace in coral that will distract from the fact we’re wearing yoga pants
A candle that makes our home smell like Anthropologie

easter basket ideas

easter basket ideas

easter basket ideas
And please package it all in a sunny, yellow rope basket.

Love the contents of this basket? I’m giving it away on Instagram right now.

easter basket fillers are my fave

April 1, 2014

easter basket filler ideas

What do little girls want in their Easter basket?
- crayons with pretty wrappers to make their drawings brighter
- bunny glasses for funny selfies
- a sweet doll to attend tea parties
- nesting dolls because popping them open is so fun
- a wooden bead kit to make necklaces for every day of the week
- a book to read with mom
- magical shrinky dinks (with the cutest illustrations) to amuse
- flower stickers to put on everything
- a bunny nightlight for a nighttime companion
- something frilly for her hair

easter basket filler ideas

What do little boys want in their Easter basket?
- a mask that transforms them into a panda
- a book that tells them why they’re awesome
- a harmonica to annoy siblings with
- a wooden camera to tote on adventures
- a funny book
- crayons that could double as daggers
- a xylophone to create even more noise
- a memory game to be competitive at
- a hedgehog nightlight to make being afraid of the dark seem cool

easter egg fillers

What would delight kids as much as candy if found in a plastic egg?
- a tiny photo book (filled with pics of them of course)
- a homemade necklace to feel fancy
- mini animals to create a whole zoo
- a rubber stamp to print all over their body
- money (even better if it’s folded in a cool shape)
- mini crayons and paintsets they’ll love because of the novelty
- stickers that you’ll later find in strange places
- bouncy balls for aiming practice
- mini pullback cars to see which one goes the furthest

fridays are my fave

March 28, 2014

1. Golf tees + balloons make a happy garden
2. Jelly beans are not my Easter candy of choice, but I love how they look on a cake
3. I wish Mendl’s and the perfect bakery boxes were real
4. My favorite pattern of the moment in garland form
5. Finding inspiration for baby girl’s room in this cheery print

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letter bag toppers are my fave

March 26, 2014

diy party favors

I try to make all the projects I feature here very doable, and these mini clothespin toppers definitely fall in that category. They take less than five minutes and can be customized as gift toppers/party favors/place cards/unnecessary chip clips.

diy party favors

All you need are mini clothespins, plastic letters (check the scrapbooking section, these are Recollections brand from Michaels), and a hot glue gun. Simply adhere the letters on the clothespins and top your bag. Effortless party style.

diy party favors

diy party favors

easter egg hunt invitations are my fave

March 25, 2014

printable easter egg hunt invitations

I’ve seen enough odes to Mini Eggs hat I think most people are in agreement that Easter produces the best candy. If you’re planning to make your kids/friends/pets forage for those delightful morsels (so you can confiscate them later), here are some printable invitations to make the occasion even sweeter.

printable easter egg hunt invitations

I loved this just for fun invitation designed by Christine of Darling Studio so much, I thought the concept would work great for an Easter egg hunt invitation as well. Simply print, fill-in the details, then use a razor blade to cut out the letters (or leave the design as is). For those who like to go the extra mile of being awesome, fill a box with candy eggs and place the invitation inside for a top notch presentation. It will convince invitees that you’re cooler than you really are.


Easter egg hunt invitation download

design: Kirsten Bingham

a simple flower centerpiece is my fave

March 21, 2014

easy floral centerpiece

I hope this week’s content put a little spring in your step (intentional play on words, hate me if you must). To send you into the weekend, here’s a simple (long lasting!) flower centerpiece I created for Julep. Wouldn’t a series of these be pretty for an Easter table?

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Have a sunny one!

a hello spring banner is my fave

March 20, 2014

diy hello spring banner

I’m so happy spring is here, I made a banner to welcome it.

To make your own you’ll need:
- 1/4 yard floral fabric (I knew I would need the perfect floral fabric to execute this project, so I relied on
Bing Image Search and found this dainty daisies pattern from Joel Dewberry. Bingo!)
- 1/4 yard felt
- hot glue gun
- Cricut Iron-on Lite
- iron
- wooden dowel
- twine
- hello spring download

Step one: Cut floral fabric to desired size. Use hot glue to back with felt. Trim edges.

Step two: Print hello spring download and use razor blade to cut the text out of the iron-on material (I used the Cricut Explore to do the hard work for me). Follow package instructions to iron-on to your fabric.

Step three: Fold about an inch of the fabric on the top over and adhere to the back of the banner with hot glue, leaving a space open for the dowel to slide through. Slide the dowel through and knot twine onto the ends to hang. Hello spring.

diy hello spring banner

diy hello spring banner

I mentioned that ever since Meet Make Do I have made a conscious effort to use Bing for my search needs (I’ve made it the default search function for my phone and computer) and and it’s paying off. Not only because it helped me with the creation of this project, but because of Bing Rewards.

bing rewards

Basically I’m rewarded be for my Internet searches (even the embarrassing ones). Every time I search using Bing, I get points that can be redeemed for useful items like Amazon giftcards. I search so frequently, I was quickly able to earn enough points to purchase the iron-on material needed for this banner. Win!


This post was created in partnership with Bing.

flower cake toppers are my fave

March 19, 2014

diy cake toppers

Cake is welcome any season. Spring-one-up with these flower cake toppers that take only seconds to create (so you’re not wasting valuable cake eating time).

diy cake toppers

All you need is floral wire and these Martha Stewart Crafts pom-pom stickers. Cut the wire into various lengths and stick the poms on then (bam!) you’ve got yourself some cake toppers.

easy flower cake toppers

easy flower cake toppers

Pretty, right? Just don’t drop the cake on the floor.

This project is part of 12 Months of Martha, one craft a month using products from the Martha Stewart Craft line.

a floral dotted bunting is my fave

March 18, 2014

no sew garland

I loved this Oscar de la Renta pattern so much, I decided a spring bunting inspired by it was in order. And since I always forget how the bobbin works, it’s no sew. You’re welcome.

no sew garland

To make your own you’ll need:
- polka dotted fabric
- floral fabric (preferably with a medium scale pattern, like this one from Joel Dewberry)
- felt
- hot glue gun
- Martha Stewart Crafts fabric to fabric decoupage
- twine or thread (I used Martha Stewart Crafts gold thread)

Step one: Cut the polka dotted fabric into flags or triangles. If the fabric needs some heft, back with felt using hot glue.

Step two: Cut around flowers from the floral fabric. Adhere on top of the flags with fabric to fabric decoupage.

Step three: Use a needle to string the thread or hot glue it to the back of each flag. Done!

no sew bunting

diy garland

easy garland

Two more days until spring officially starts, I will survive.

This project is part of 12 Months of Martha, one craft a month using products from the Martha Stewart Craft line.

happy spring tags are my fave

March 17, 2014

IMG_6800 2

Thursday marks the first day of spring, hooray! Even if the weather doesn’t automatically change, just the fact that it’s no longer technically winter changes my disposition. I’ve literally had to give myself some pep talks lately to get through this crummy season. So to celebrate, this week will be dedicated to springy projects.

printable spring tags

First up, these happy tags are ready for you to print and attach to a bouquet, sweet treat, bike handle, small child, you name it. Let everybody know you’re in love with spring and not afraid to show it.


happy spring tag download

design: Kirsten Bingham

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