gallery walls + minted art are my fave (giveaway!)

June 25, 2015


Whenever I’m asked about where to buy art, I suggest Minted. I’m not just saying that because I write for their blog, it really is my favorite source. They feature a variety of artists, the quality is top notch, it’s affordable, and you can choose to have it framed.

Randi had asked me for some advice on art for her home so I proposed a makeover of sorts. She would tell me where she wanted it and I would pick out the prints and arrange it all for her. She accepted, brave soul. Here are the results.

The before:

The after:

Art Sources (clockwise from top left):
Tracks by Holly Royval
Young and Free by June Letters Studio
Drift by Naomi Ernest
Scribble Rhino by Noelle Stolworthy
To the Ski Slopes by Alston Wise
Lula by Parima Studio
United States Map by GeekInk Design


In the dining area we decided a ledge would be perfect to arrange a couple prints and objects that can be switched up easily.

The before:

The after:

Art Sources:
Tangerine by Alexandra Dzh
Messy Dots by Erin Niehenke


Feeling motivated to get art hung on your empty walls? One lucky reader will win $500 credit to Minted! To be eligible to win all you need to do before eod Monday, June 29th is comment on this post telling me what print you would love to own. Winner will be chosen randomly and contacted by me via email. Good luck!

It’s come to my attention that the comment section is not working properly. While I try to fix it, comment on this Instagram post for entry.

cake in a box is my fave

June 23, 2015


This is one of my favorite collaborations to date. I put together three dessert themed boxes to celebrate the launch of Trifle Cosmetics since the entire line is inspired by sweets. They’ll be giving away each of them and this week it’s all about the cake. Enter right here on their Instagram page and keep your eyes peeled for the ice cream and donut boxes to follow.


the universal gift is my fave

June 15, 2015

salt and straw ice cream

I’m stating that sending ice cream in the mail is the universal gift but I guess technically that’s not true. It wouldn’t be nice to give to someone who is lactose intolerant. Or someone not eating sugar or some nonsense. It’s more universal because it fits for every occasion.

Just had a baby? Send ice cream for that.
Going through a break up? Send ice cream for that.
New house? Send ice cream for that.
Really bummed because you just watched the episode of Good Wife where Will dies? Send ice cream for that.

salt and straw ice cream

There are a few different shops that send pints in the mail (just ask the google) but I love Salt & Straw’s flavors and packaging. And it’s dang good ice cream. Maybe the best ever.

salt and straw ice cream

At $65 + shipping, it’s not the most economical treat but you can quote me when I say, “Worth it.”

This is in no way sponsored. I just really love ice cream.

julep is my fave

June 9, 2015

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built-in shelves are my fave

May 19, 2015

built-in bookshelves

We bought our house in a weekend. Ryan described it best when he said, “the house didn’t offend me,” because so many houses in our new town do. It’s a new build that lacks character but it’s solidly built, has a good layout, and is in a convenient location. And I knew that it was a good base to start with even if the vinyl windows are tan (don’t look, it will hurt your eyes).

I started collecting interior inspiration when we were still dirt poor students and the thought of owning a house was a distant dream. But life happens fast and in November I walked into a house that I had only seen for a short period of time and now owned, saw the room below and started to cry. Those outlets in the middle of the wall were mocking me.


Since this is the main living space and it faces the kitchen, it was a priority to cover the ugly as quickly as possible. I thought about a gallery wall, we considered a TV, or maybe a fireplace but then I was browsing saved ideas and remembered all my dreams of built-in shelves and then I couldn’t think of anything else and I started singing the theme to Beauty and the Beast.

I asked around, found a craftsman who could build just what I wanted, he busted it out, and I cried again. This time out of happiness. Because dang, it looked so good.

built-in bookshelves

built-in bookshelves

built-in bookshelves

built-in bookshelves

I still think it’s the best home decision I’ve ever made, might ever make. It makes a huge impact when you enter the house and I admire it while I load the dishwasher on a daily basis.

And there you have our living room.

sources: sofa, mid-century tripod floor lamp, foot stools from Overstock (no longer available), leather arm chair, tulip chair, saddle chair, Lulie Wallace flower painting, dipped planters, face planter, stripe vase from West Elm (no longer available online)

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